Sep 29

Wow!  I can’t believe next week is October!  What a fabulous beginning.

As we move into the new month we are all settled in and beginning to work hard on learning our sight words, using our sounds to spell and reading our fun weekly poetry journal.

In math we are discussing shapes, but adding a fun twist by talking about sides and corners.  How are a square and rectangle different?  How are they alike?   What other shapes have 4 sides?  What is a hexagon?  Where can you find a trapezoid?  They love this short unit in geometry.  Please continue to use IXL during the week when it fits into your child’ schedule.  We will be working on patterns and graphs after geometry.

In Science we are discussing Fall changes in weather and animal behavior.

Please be on the lookout for the picture day packet in their folder.  Picture day is Wednesday, October 5.  All students will have their picture taken for the yearbook.  If you wish to purchase pictures, please send in the form and payment on Wednesday.  No pictures can be ordered after the day.  This is not the class photo.  Class photos take place in the Spring.  Remember to bring your happy face and say CHEESE!

The October homework can be found in the back pocket of your child’s folder on Monday.  It is optional, but recommended to reinforce reading at home.

Happy Friday!!!!!!!

Linda Livingston                                                                  n th

Sep 22

Thank you so much for attending BTSN.  What a great turn out!

Please read the packet of papers that you took home.  I did not discuss my discipline procedures or grading.  You will not see many graded papers going home but those that you do see will have the number 1, 2, 3 or 4 on them.  The significance of those numbers is on a sheet you took home last evening.  I will address more grading questions when we have our conferences in November.  We do not give letter grades in Kindergarten or First grade as they are not developmentally appropriate.  The grading scale is county wide for all Kindergarten students.

My discipline procedures are listed in the packet.  Rest assured everyone is doing well.  A sticker on the calendar means they had a great day.  If your child should have trouble with a rule or two, a sticker may not be earned.  You will have a written note on the calendar for that day.  Sometimes the stickers fall off or we may be busy and not have time for one.  Just know that a note will appear if they did not have a good day.  (EVERYONE HAS DONE A FABULOUS JOB)  No worries!  And the behavior calendar has a different look this year, so my aim has been off.  The last few years the calendar started with Sunday and this one starts with Monday!!!!!!  I am used to skipping the first block, so I am sorry if my days are off.  I will get better, I promise!

Have a wonderful evening!  And again, thanks for coming to learn more about your child’s day.

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Sep 18

It’s a great week to be a Kindergarten cub!  We have many activities to look forward to this week.  Now that we are into the swing of things, we will be using those letters we learned  to start writing and reading!  During journal time I am encouraging your child to write what they hear.  We are working in small groups in reading on sight words, fluency and comprehension.  Our math unit is on sorting.  We have sorted by shape, color and size.  As we stretch our brain, many students have gone beyond and sorted items in very clever ways. I am encouraging critical thinking (thinking out of the box)!

DON’T FORGET BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT!  It is this Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 6:00.  I look forward to seeing you there.  It is a night for parents to learn about my expectations and the curriculum.  We will hold parent conferences in November.

Linda Livingston


Sep 13


Mrs. Livingston’s Leap Frog Friends 2016 – 2017

Important Dates:

Wednesday, September 21   Half day for students – Dismissal at 11:35am

and Back-to-School Night  6 – 7:30pm  (parents only)

Monday, October 10        Student Holiday

I look forward to seeing you on the 21st to go over our expectations and curriculum.

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Sep 7

What a  WONDERFUL beginning!!!!

Thank you for having them prepared and ready for the day.  Everyone knows where their snack is located and if they are buying or bringing lunch.  These are huge issues in Kindergarten the first week, but not this class.  They are already learning routines and following expectations.

We will discuss more in depth the kindergarten curriculum and classroom policies at Back-to-School night on September 21, at 6pm.  This is a night for parents to learn about my classroom.  It is not a night for parent conferences.  We will be holding those in November.  It is a night to go over things that I will need from you and what you can expect from me to make this a great year of learning.  So, have your questions ready.  🙂

funny_cartoon_frog_sitting_down_sticking_its_tongue_out_in_a_vector_clip_art_illustration_120905-162617-224001       Where we leap into learning every day!  Linda Livingston