Aug 31

Tomorrow is our Open House from 9 – 10pm!  Don’t forget to bring your supplies if you have them.

Attached you will see several forms from the PTA.  We highly encourage you to join and contribute to PTA funds.  These funds are used to buy things for our school and classrooms.  Many of the promethean boards were purchased through PTA funds.  🙂  Thank you in advance for your support.

Back to School Night will be Wednesday, September 21.  You will find more information about our Kindergarten curriculum, field trips and daily schedule that evening.  Please read below for things that will pertain to the first week of school.

Help your child learn his/her bus color or daycare name for afternoon transportation.

Learn your lunch code if you are buying lunch, but we have them written down for them to look at if they need too.  🙂  There is always someone to help in the lunch room as well.

Snack is eaten everyday around 1:30 if your child wishes to participate.  We do not provide snack.  No juice boxes are allowed, but you can send in a water bottle or use the classroom water fountain.

Please return the green folder you received at Open House every single day.  Notes from you should be put in the Return to School side.  You will see a behavior calendar in there as well.  Please leave this calendar on that side of the folder.  Do not take it out.  Thanks you!  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to working with you all this year!  Go Cubs!


Aug 2

So excited for a new year!

Meet your teacher for Kindergarten is on Thursday, September 1, from 9 – 10am.

Please bring all your supplies with you on that day so we can sort them and be ready to start on Tuesday, September 6.

Our theme this year is Cubs succeed from the inside out!  My theme is the same except, I like to say TOGETHER – Cubs succeed from the inside out!.  Working together is the key to learning as much as we can and reaching higher levels.  When we work together, we learn how to problem solve, cooperate and accomplish a goal.  I look forward to watching the children work together and working with parents for a successful Kindergarten year!