Feb 12

Happy Valentine Week!

We are looking forward to sharing our Valentine cards on Thursday!  Thanks for helping them write them for their friends. They love passing them out and reading them.

We are working on our Famous American unit this month.  Have your child share with you facts about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. and Betsy Ross.  These are the Famous Americans we study in the Kindergarten curriculum.  Next year there will be more in First Grade.  Please be on the lookout, Monday February 18 for a homework activity helping us to celebrate two great presidents.

We are looking forward to our multicultural night next week and sharing about the special foods we eat.  All are welcome on Thursday, February 21 at 6:30 to look at these projects.

Thank you for returning signed report cards!

Linda Livingston


Jan 30


The above link is to our class Snow Movie!  We hope you enjoy it!

Jan 24

We have had a busy January!  Along with daily reading, we have been learning about seasonal changes (winter) and how we and animals prepare for it.  In math, we finished our unit on numbers to 50 and are beginning measurement.  The kindergarten curriculum works with non-standard measurements.  We introduce the tools used to measure, such as thermometers, scales, rulers and calendars.  They will need to know which tool to use for length, height, weight, temperature and time.

As we approach the spring, we will begin learning about shadows, magnets, phases of water, maps and globes, recycling, famous Americans, money, time and many more curriculum standards.

This is the time where I begin teaching your child how to be a student.   Learning how to learn as I call it.  They will have to listen to information, look for it in appropriate kindergarten text and participate in class discussions on the topics.   If you do not focus and pay attention, this will be difficult.  By teaching thru hands on opportunities as well as auditory and visual activities, this will be fun and easy.  So ask your child when they get home what they learned today. Look in their folders.   This is my favorite time in Kindergarten, we have gotten down the rules and routines and now are ready to apply what we have learned.

I am so proud of each and everyone of my students.    Linda Livingston

Future dates:

January 25 :     Registration for Afterschool classes (see below)

Feb. 11:              Report cards go home (Please return the envelope and the report card signed)

Feb. 21:              Multicultural Night

Maybe 100th day of school (if no more snow)


2019 Winter After School Enrichment Classes

Classes will begin the week of February 11 and will run through the week of March 18. 

If you have a PTA Membership, you will have first “choice” on ASE Classes!! 

ASE registration for PTA Membership begins January 22nd – 24th. 

Regular ASE registration begins Friday, January 25. 

Registration deadline is Monday, February 4, 2019. 

Please see link below for more information on classes and to register online. 

Jan 8


We are off to a great start!   I hope you enjoy the Snowman project that was sent home on Monday 1/7.  It is not due until Friday, January 18.  There is also a reading log that I would love for your child to complete.  Reading for meaning is our goal.  Please encourage your child to tell you what happened in the story.  Retelling the beginning, middle and end are essential to story comprehension.

Muffins with Mom is scheduled for Friday, January 18.  Please send the green form back if you plan on participating.

Multicultural Museum Night is February 21!  It will be a wonderful night to display our family traditions and help us to discover that while we are very different, we are also the same many ways!

I am looking forward to 2019 and watching them grow even more each day!

Linda Livingston

Nov 26

What a fun time at the Turkey Trot!  The weather was perfect.

This week we will reworking on needs and wants in social studies.  Things we need in order to live versus things we want to make life easier or just for fun.  We continue working on our numbers and becoming stronger readers by using reading strategies and building our sight words.

I will be collecting homework on Friday.  Please be on the lookout for a December homework project that will take a few days to complete.  Read the directions carefully.  We want the children to be creative on their pages and most importantly be able to present their project using a loud, clear voice.  Practice this at home.  Projects will be due Monday, December 17.  I look forward to seeing these every year.  It shows our diversity and provides insight into family traditions.  We may be different in some ways, but we all celebrate with our families and make family traditions.  🙂  Enjoy this project together.

Cubs Night In is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 7

Linda Livingston

Nov 12

What a lovely Veteran’s Day program!  Thank you to everyone who has served or is serving in our armed forces.

We are currently working hard in our reading groups and learning how to quickly subitize our numbers (recognize a set without counting) which is very important when learning to add.  Being able to UNDERSTAND math is important.  When adding, subtilizing helps children eliminate the need to use their fingers and draw objects to solve problems.   In social studies we are learning about the past and present.  We will continue this by talking about the first Thanksgiving and comparing it to our Thanksgiving today.

Please send in canned goods/dry goods (rice, cereal, boxed mac-n-cheese) by Monday, November 26 to support our Christmas Mother Food Drive. Thank you!

More information will be coming about our Turkey Trot on November 20th.

Have a great week!   Linda Livingston



Nov 1

Happy November!

Thank you for signing up for a conference time.  Please arrive at your designated time.  I have conferences back-to-back and will not be able to accommodate everyone if someone is late.  Please call the school at 364-0055 if you are running behind and we may have to reschedule.  Thank you to everyone who sent in items or volunteered for our Fall celebrations.  The children enjoyed all the games, snacks and activities.  See below for some fun pictures.

Don’t forget our community helper projects are due on Monday.  I look forward to seeing them!    Linda Livingston


Oct 25

What a wonderful field trip.  Thank you to those parents who volunteered!

It was so great to see many of you signed up for conferences.  I sent an email a few days ago.  If you did not receive the link, please email me and I will send it to you again.  Here is a picture of us at the Children’s Museum.  We loved our lesson on the 5 senses.  🙂  I just love those light blue shirts!

We look forward to our Fall celebration workshops tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!  Linda Livingston

Oct 8

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend!  This week we will be working on the short vowel sound for A, researching apples and continuing our science lesson on fall changes.  If you have some apples at home and would like to send one in with your child, we will be doing some apple experiments.  I will have plenty to spare if you do not have any.  🙂  You can send one in by Wednesday.

Picture day is this Friday, October 12.  All students will have their photo taken.  You will be given an optin to purchase photos.  This is not the class photo.  That photo takes place later in the year.

The link below is to our Pete the Cat Positions book.  Students read a position word with a partber and then discussed where to place Pete.  It came out great!  Students love re-reading these class stories.


Hope you enjoyed it as much as they did making it!

Linda Livingston

Sep 26


The link above should bring you to a book that we created on colors.  Hope you enjoy it!

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