Important Dates/ Reminders

-Please return unpurchased pictures

May 27- Memorial Day Holiday (No School)

May 31- Field Day

-Lunches either have to be packed or preordered from the cafeteria.  Blue order forms were sent home last week.



-This is the last week for homework.


Spelling Tests

-This is the last week for Spelling Tests.  The children will get words next week and the following weeks, but will not be tested on them.


Language Arts/ Reading

Skill- Nonfiction (Plants)

Phonics/ Spelling- Compound Words

Grammar- Verbs



Related facts

Fact Families



Plants and Tress


Teacher Appreciation Week

-Thanks again for all the wonderful things you sent in last week.  It was a great week!


Book Orders

-This will be the last order this year.  Summer reading is always a good idea.  It is a good idea to have them read for 15 minutes as soon as they are done with breakfast.  Make it a part of their morning routine (breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, make bed, and read for 15 minutes).  Then they have the rest of the day.

-orders are due by this Friday

-you can order online or send in a check with the order form


Important Dates/ Reminders

-Please return pictures that were sent home last week.

May 16- PTA School Picnic 5-7 pm

May 27- Memorial Day Holiday

May 31- Field Day


Language Arts

Phonics- Compound Words

Skill- Nonfiction (Birds)

Grammar- Verbs






-parts of a plant and what they do




-flower/ seed

-plant needs


Thank you for all the BLUE today.  The kids looked great!


Important Dates/ Reminders

-Don’t forget to order your Field Day T-shirts.

***Most, 95%-100%, order Field Day t-shirts***

May 16- PTA School Picnic

-5-7 pm

-I will probably be there early, 5-5:30, but then have to leave.  It is my oldest son’s birthday that day and we have plans that night.

May 27- Memorial Day Holiday

May 31- Field Day


Language Arts

-Focus- Nonfiction (Insects)

-Phonics- “ow” sound

-Grammar/ Writing- Verbs



-Word Problems

-Addition and Subtraction







-protecting our resources


Field Trip


-Meadow Farm

-Send a packed lunch in a labeled paper bag/ separate snack

-dress for the weather/ wear spirit wear or red

-wear comfortable shoes



-Rishab’s Mom or Dad

-Jordan’s Mom or Dad

-Vibha’s Mom or Dad

-Ariyana’s Mom or Dad


Important Events/ Reminders

April 30 Volunteer Breakfast

May 2 Field Trip to Meadow Farm

May 16 PTA Picnic

May 27 Memorial Day Holiday (no school)

May 31 Field Day


Language Arts

-Focus- Nonfiction- Earth

-Phonics- “oi” sound

-Grammar/ Writing- Verbs



-addition and subtraction review




Natural Resources

Pollution (land, air, water)



Report Cards

-Report Cards are coming home today.  You may keep the report card.  Please sign the envelope and return it.


Field Trip

-A field trip permission slip is coming home today.  Please fill it out and return it ASAP.

-I will need 4 chaperones.

-Meadow Farm

-Thursday, May 2nd

-packed lunch

More information will be coming home tomorrow.



Letter From the Office

-A letter is also coming home from the office about class placement for next year.


Language Arts

Skill- Fractured Fairy Tales

Phonics- “ai” sound

Grammar- verbs



Nonstandard measurement- volume



-defining Natural Resources


Important Dates/ Reminders

Gifted letters/results are coming home today for those students who applied to go through the gifted identification process.

Book Orders are coming home today

-Please place orders online or send in a check with your order by this Friday.

Kindergarten Registration- April 11

Student Half Day- April 19

Student Holiday- April 22


Language Arts

Focus- Real/ Fantasy and Fairy Tales

Phonics- “igh” sound

Grammar- Adjectives (weather words)



Nonstandard Measurement- measuring length




-constructing maps

-review map symbols, map key, cardinal directions, compass rose

-review where Virginia, USA, Richmond, and Washington DC are located on maps



Important Dates/ Reminders

Tuesday- PTA Cultural Arts program “Storytelling with Harper”

Thursday- Richmond Ballet “Cinderella”

Friday- Pep Rally- wear spirit wear or red

Friday- Half Day

Spring Break 4/1-4/5



Language Arts

Skill- Cause and Effect

Grammar- Adjectives

Phonics- “ew” sound




2= 1+1





-locating the US, VA, Washington DC, and Richmond on a map




It seems like everyone is healthy again.  Thank you to those parents that kept children home last week for 24 hours after your child was running a fever or vomited.  I think that really helped things from spreading!  Thank you!!


Language Arts

Focus- Cause and Effect

Phonics- “ou” sound

Grammar- Adjectives (Taste, Smell, Sound and Feel)



Basic fact strategies of making 10





-map key

-cardinal directions



Please remember to send back any unpurchased pictures.


It seem like “it” has finally arrived in room 11.  We have been very fortunate this “cold season”.  Other classes have not been as fortunate.  Please be considerate to the other children in the room and their families and do not send your child to school if they are running a low grade fever/ fever or vomited in the last 24 hours.  Even if they are feeling better, please wait 24 hours.  Thank you!


Rock-a-Thon items are coming home today in a brown bag.


Star Student

3/11       Sophia

3/18       Devam


Language Arts

Skill- Main Idea of Nonfiction stories

Phonics- “ow” sound

Grammar- Adjectives (color, shape, size)



Problem Solving- word problems with 2 unknowns



Seasons- exploring Spring (dress, plants, animals, and weather)



Star Students

3/11       Sophia

3/18       Devam


Language Arts

Features of Non-fiction (maps, glossary, captions, table of contents, headings)

Phonics- “all” sound

Grammar- Adjectives (feelings)



Adding and subtracting numbers 1-10

-number bonds

-part-whole fluency




-3 types

-experiments with matter



Star Students

2/25       Sheridan

3/4         Kira

3/ 11      Sophia

3/18       Devam


Language Arts/ Reading

-skill- features of nonfiction (pictures, heading, charts, captions, etc..)

-phonics- “or” sound

-Grammar- pronouns



-Money- counting like coins, pennies/ nickels/ dimes, whose value is 100 cents or less




-3 types

-properties of matter

-experiments with matter


Reminders/ Important Dates

2/20       Famous American Project Due


This Thursday

2/21       Spring Picture Day

2/21       100th day of School

2/21       PTA Night (Curriculum Night)


2/22       101st Day of School

-Dress like a Dalmatian


Star Student

2/25       Sheridan

3/4         Kira

3/11       Sophia

3/18       Devam



Language Arts

Focus-  Reading Fluency

Grammar- Pronouns

Phonics- long vowels (oa)



-telling time to the hour and half hour



-define matter

-identify and sort solids, liquids, and gases



Report Cards

-Report cards come home today.  Please sign and return the envelope.  You may keep the report card.


Student Led Conferences

-Wednesday night

-We have been practicing them this week and last week.  Each time slot is for 15 minutes, but most take about 5-7 minutes.  I will be sticking to the schedule.  If everyone in the first group is finished I will not start the next group until their time slot.

-please arrive on time

-I will not send Math Homework home on Wednesday night because of SLC.



-please send boxes/bags and valentines in on Thursday

-please do not send any candy or food


Famous American Project

-Please send in projects Wednesday, February 20th.


Language Arts

-practice Student Led Conferences

-practice reading fluency

-phonics- long a (ay)

-grammar- capitalizing proper nouns




-equal parts



-fair shares



Famous Americans

-George Washington

-Thomas Jefferson

-Arthur Ashe

-Maggie Walker

-George Washington Carver


Student Led Conference

If you are unable to attend your child’s student led conference on 2/13 I will send home the packet on 2/14.  Your child will then have the opportunity to share their packet with you.


Star Student

2/4         Riley

2/11       Peter

2/18       Lilly

2/25       Sheridan


Language Arts

Phonics- “ar” sound

Focus- Student Led Conference

Grammar- capitalizing proper nouns



-identify, describe, trace, and sort plane figure shapes

-triangle, square, rectangle, and circle

-identify number of vertices and sides on each shape

-identify right angles



Famous Americans

-Arthur Ashe

-Maggie Walker


Homework update

-I am adding a math sheet to our homework each week.  You will see it under the Wednesday box.  I will send the sheet home each Wednesday night.  Please have your child complete it and return it to school the next day.

– I also  changed/updated the choices for the spelling homework.


DreamBox and Raz-Kids

-I sent home information regarding both of these programs last week.  I was thrilled when I checked my class roster to see that so many boys and girls tried both of these programs.  I am going to add Raz-Kids to our reading rotations each week and also add DreamBox as a morning work rotation each week.  Please feel free to continue to use these programs at home.


Student Led Conferences

-Please remember to sign up for your student led conference.  This will be a great time to hear from your child about what they are currently working on and goals they will be focusing on the rest of the year.  Three Children will be presenting at once.  Each child and their parents will have a table in the room.  The three tables will be spread out.  This is their conference with you.  I will only be there to keep things running smoothly and on time.


Valentine’s Day

-a list is coming home in your child’s folder tonight

-please do not send in any valentines or boxes early because I have limited storage in my room


Star Student

Brooke 1/28

Riley      2/4

Peter     2/11



January 28 – February 1, 2019 is The Great Kindness Challenge Week. All HCPS schools are recognizing this national event (


Language Arts

Grammar- Capitalizing proper nouns

Phonics- long vowels “ee”

Skill/ focus- Student Led conferences



-counting backwards 30-1



Famous Americans

-Thomas Jefferson

-George Washington



Important Dates/ Reminders

Today- Assembly (Chinese Acrobats) This was really cool!!!  One of the best assemblies I have seen!

Today- Guidance lesson

1/25- Pep Rally (wear spirit wear or red)

1/28- no School/ Teacher Work Day


Star Student

1/29       Brooke

2/4         Riley

2/11       Peter



-information about Dreambox is coming home in your child’s folder tonight

-This is a fun program!  My youngest used it at Hanover the past few years and really enjoyed it!


Raz Kids

-information about Raz Kids is also coming home tonight in your child’s folder

-this program is great because the stories your child is reading is on their reading level

-We are sharing an account with two other first grade classes.  That is why your Teacher Username might be “kharrell9” or “kdaniels31”.


Language Arts/ Reading

New Sight words and Homework will come home tonight

Skill- Problem and Solution

Phonics- Review magic/ silent e

Grammar- Capitalizing important names and places



Balancing Equations






Earth and Sun

-the Sun gives us energy, light, and heat

-it rises in the east and sets in the west

-Earth’s rotation causes day and night



If your child is bored today I am sending along their homework for the week and a few activities to get them ready for the week.

-Homework is attached

-Homework can be sent in on Friday.


I also attached some extra activities they can work on today for a prize when they return to school.

-A Pebble Go Activity is attached to go along with Louis Braille.

-They can access Pebble Go through our library.  They can watch the video on him and then complete the sheet.

-They can go to “Social Studies”, “Biographies”, and then “Inventors”.

-They also can watch videos on animal migration, hibernation, and adaptations.

-go to “Animals” and then “Animal Behavior”

–  I also attached a doubles worksheet.



One last thing…Tell them that part of their work/ homework today is to go outside and play in the snow instead of playing video games! J


Language Arts

Phonics-  long u

Skill-  Biographies

Grammar-  Proper Nouns (Names)



Adding and subtracting doubles









Important Dates/ Reminders

Homework is coming home tonight.

1/17 PTA Night

1/21 MLK Holiday


Star Students

1/7         Airyana

1/14       Calley

1/21       Brooke

1/28       Riley


Language Arts

-Phonics- Long “I”

-Grammar- compound words

-Skill- problem and solution



-problem solving single step word problems with one part unknown




-goods and services

-making economic choices

-saving money


Important Dates/ Reminders for this week and next week

We will not have homework  or a spelling test this week or next week.


Jingle Bell Jam

-next Wednesday

-for students only because of space limitations in the gym

-wear holiday attire and bells

Holiday Party 12:15-1:30

-everyone is invited

-We  will not be providing a snack for the party.  Please send a special snack for your child that day.  Please let them know which snack is for snack and which is for the party in the afternoon.



 Language Arts

Phonics-review short vowels/ long a

Grammar-nouns (person/ place/ thing)

Skill- review character, setting, problem, solution, and story order


Star Students

Ariyana- 1/7

Calley- 1/14



Addition and Subtraction 0-10




-Needs and Wants

-Consumer/ Producer

-Goods and Services



Important Dates/ Reminders

-Guidance today (lesson on worry)

-Cultural Arts Program this Thursday

“Trickster Tales”



If you have any questions about the gifted program be sure to check the school website for information.


Language Arts

-New sight words and spelling homework is coming home tonight

-Skill- Prediction

-Phonics- long a sound with a silent/magic e

-Grammar- nouns (person, place or thing)




-The student will select a reasonable order of magnitude from three given quantities and be able to explain how they arrived at their answer.



-distinguishing between past, present, and future


Important Reminders/ Dates

Report Cards came home last week.

-Please sign and send back the envelope.

Pictures are coming home tonight for those of you who ordered pictures.

-We will have pictures again in the spring.

PTA Reflections Ceremony is this Thursday night.


Star Student

12/3       Behruz

12/10     Gemma


Language Arts

-new homework/ sight words are coming home tonight

-Skill- Sequencing

-Phonics- short vowel review

-Grammar- writing a complete sentence



-counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s to 110




-physical characteristics and where they live


Important Dates/ Reminders

Report Cards some home tomorrow

Thanksgiving Vacation 11/21-11/25


We will not have homework or a spelling list this week.


This Week:


First Grade Fall/ Thanksgiving Rotation

-The children spent 20 minutes in each first grade room doing various fall and Thanksgiving activities.


-Thanksgiving activities

-Mrs. Aquilina, Innovative Learning Coach, is coming in to demo the new Chrome Books and do an activity with us

-Annual Thanksgiving Parade around the halls of Shady Grove presented by the Administration and Resource teams


Star Students

11/26     Vibha

12/3       Behruz



Important Dates/ Reminders

Friday- Pocahontas State Park Stations

Friday- Our lunch time will be switched  to 12:15-12:45

11/20- Report Cards come home

11/21-12/2- Thanksgiving Holiday

11/28- Fall Picture Makeups


Book Fair

Dates and times for the Fair

Monday, November 12th: 2:30-5:00pm

Tuesday, November 13th: 2:30-7:00pm

Wednesday, November 14th: 2:30-5:00pm




Star Students

11/12     Nicholas

11/26     Vibha

12/3       Behruz


Language Arts

Sight Words/ Spelling Words/ homework is coming home tonight

Phonics- final blends with short vowels

Skill- Beginning/ Middle/ End

Grammar/Writing- Telling Parts



-Comparing numbers between 1-110 using words greater than, less than, and equal to

-Ordering 3 or fewer sets from least to greatest and greatest to least




-classification of physical characteristics (coverings, appendages, and movement)



Important Dates/ Reminders

-no school tomorrow

-conferences this week by appointment


Field Trip


-Bring a labeled bag lunch

-Bring a snack

-we will have snack before we leave

-Wear comfortable shoes

-Dress for the weather


Book Orders

-coming home today

-due this Friday

– you may order online or send in a check with the order form anytime this week


Star Students

11/12     Nicholas

11/26     Vibha


Language Arts

-New sight words/ spelling/ homework is coming home tonight

-Phonics-“r” and “l” blends

-Skill- Beginning, Middle, and End of a story

-Grammar- telling part of a sentence



-Group a collection of 1-110 objects into tens and ones and write the corresponding number



-Basic needs of animals


New Student

-Please welcome Sophia to our classroom.  Sophia joined us last Wednesday.


Field Trip Rescheduled  11/8

-A new permission slip is coming home tonight.  Please fill it out and return it ASAP.

– I will be using the same chaperones unless they cannot attend.


Reminders/ Events

November 6       Student Holiday/ Election Day


Star Students

10/29     Evan

11/5       Asher

11/12     Nicholas



Language Arts

-sight words coming home tonight

Review week

-review all short vowels

-review digraphs

-review our old sight words

Skill- Setting (where and when of a story)

Grammar- Naming Parts of a sentence



-problem solving single step addition and subtraction word problems



-elections and voting


Important Reminders

Today- Guidance Lesson

Tomorrow- Wear Red

Wednesday- Picture Day

Field Trip- Friday


Field Trip


-Buses leave at 9:15

-We will have snack before we leave

-Dress for the weather

-Pack a bag lunch

-label the bag with your child’s name

-all items in the bag and bag should be disposable


Language Arts

-New Sight words/ spelling words and homework are coming home today

-Skill- Setting (where/ when)

-Phonics- short e

– Grammar- Naming parts of a sentence



-adding and subtracting adding 0, 1, and 2

-focusing on speed




-focus on the changes of Summer to Fall






Important Dates/ Reminders

Interims come home today on a yellow sheet

-please sign and return

Fun Run on Wednesday

Field trip Permission slips are coming home today

-please fill out and send back ASAP

-I will pick chaperones by Friday

-you do not need to send any money

10/24 Fall Picture Day


Spirit Days This Week

Wacky Wednesday- dress wacky

Black Out Thursday-  Wear Black

Spirit Wear Friday-  wear red or Shady Grove Spirit Wear


Star Student

10/ 15  Jasmine

10/22 Keagan

10/29 Evan

11/5 Asher


Language Arts

-new homework/ sight words coming home today

Phonics- short u/ ch/ th

Grammar- Asking sentences

Theme-Main Characters



Addition and Subtraction

-identify symbols +,-,=

-part/ whole fluency for numbers 3, 4, 5


– 3 and _ make 5

-_ and 1 make 3

-3 and 1 make _



Finish National Symbols

Start Changing seasons

-Summer to Fall


Important Dates/ Reminders

Thursday- Barefoot Puppet Theater Assembly

10/17 PTA Fun Run

10/24 Fall Picture Day


Star Students

10/9 Rishab

10/15 Jasmine

10/22 Keagan

10/ 29 Evan

-see my blog for schedule and information


Language Arts

-new sight words/ homework is coming home tonight

-you only have to do two boxes this week since it is a shorter week

Phonics- short i

Skill- Main Characters

Grammar- Telling sentences and ending mark (.)

Start Reading Groups this Week



-counting numbers from 1-110 starting at any number

-writing numbers 1-30



Columbus Day


National Symbols

-Bald Eagle


-Statue of Liberty

-Washington Monument

-Liberty Bell


Important Dates/ Reminders

Spirit Dress up Days

Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday

Thursday- PJ Day

Friday- Team Spirit Day


Frog Prince Performance/ assembly- This Wednesday

Fun Run- October 17th


Star Students

10/1 Jordan

10/8 Rishab

10/15 Jasmine

10/22 Keagan


Language Arts

-New Sight/ Spelling words are coming home tonight in a Ziploc bag

-New Homework Sheet is coming home tonight


Phonics- short o

Writing/ Grammar- complete sentence and ABC order

Whole Group- fiction vs. nonfiction

Reading Groups- Finish  assessments and continue to build stamina in reading groups



-collecting and recording data

-interpreting graphs



National Symbols

-Washington Monument

-American Flag

-Bald Eagle

-Liberty Bell


Important Reminders/ Announcements

-Homework starts today

-the sheet should be in your child’s folder

-please send only the sheet back on Friday

-Today is the LAST day to register for the Short Pump Mile

-A practice spelling test and a practice reading comprehension sheet are coming home in your child’s folder tonight.  We will have a spelling test every Friday and a reading comprehension test every Thursday/ Friday.


Language Arts

Reading Groups

-continue to practice building stamina in our reading stations


-Read to Self

-Word Work

-introduce and practice Read to Someone this week

Writing/ Grammar

-Leaf Story

-continue to practice using capitals to begin a sentence and .?! to end a sentence

Parts of a Book






-short a

-rhyming words



-finish repeating and growing patterns


Sort and Classify

-by shape, size, color, and thickness



Scientific Investigation

-what is  science

-what is a scientist

-how do they use their senses

-what tools do they use

-what do they do



Important Dates and Reminders

Half Day this Wednesday

Back to School Night is this Thursday at 6:00

-adults only

*Homework will start next week


Language Arts

Parts of a book

-cover, title, author, illustrator, captions, glossary, table of contents

Sight words last week and this week

-at, like, am, see, me, can, go, the, is, to

-creating rhyming words

Reading Groups

-continue practice and building stamina

-“Read to Self”


-Introduce and practice “Word Work”


-using capital letters and end marks when writing sentences



-finish shapes

-describe, identify, and create growing and repeating patterns



Constitution Day today



-focus on volunteering




Important Dates/ Reminders

Student Half Day- September 19

Back to School Night- September 20


Language Arts

-Sight words-Sight words are coming home in a Ziploc bag today.  Each week new words will come home.  Your child is responsible to read and spell these each week.  I will talk more about these at “Back to School Night”.

-Please hold on to these words.


-handwriting- letter formation/ spacing words













-school rules

-“All About Me”

Welcome to first grade!


It was so nice meeting everyone yesterday!   I know we are going to have a great year!


This will be my main way to communicate throughout the year.  I will send home an email/ newsletter every Monday afternoon about what is coming up each week and general information.  I try to keep them short and simple using mostly bullet points.  I also post my newsletter to my blog each Monday.


If you noticed your email address was wrong please let me know and I will fix it.


“Back to School Night” is where I will go over classroom procedures, grading, homework, reading groups, word study/ spelling, Star Student, etc…




-please send a healthy snack each  day for your child

-“Take Home” folders will come home each night (These are the folders you labeled with their name and placed in their desk at Open House.)

-please empty out the folder and return it to school each day

-use this folder to send in any notes, lunch money, etc..


Important Dates

9/19- Early Release

9/20-  “Back to School Night”


Next Week


Language Arts


-consonants and vowels



-ordinal positions to 10



-“All About Me”

-school expectations

-getting to know one another