Important Dates/ Reminders

Blood Drive Tomorrow

Field Trip- Tuesday, 3/27


Field Trip

A new field trip permission form is coming home tonight.

Please fill it out and return it ASAP.

If you were an original chaperone please let me know if you are able to chaperone for the new date.


Original Chaperones





Star Student

3/26 Maruti


Language Arts

Focus/ Skill- Cause and Effect

Phonics- long vowels

Grammar- Adjectives

Word Study/ Sight Words (from, of)



Basic Facts 1-10

-working on speed




-map symbols

-map key/ map legend

-cardinal directions


Important Reminders/ Dates

Rock-A-Thon materials are coming home tonight in a paper bag.

3/15 Rock-A-Thon


Star Students

3/12       Leonel

3/19       Maruti


Language Arts

Focus/ Skill- Finding the main idea and details in nonfiction passages/ stories

Phonics- long/ short vowels

Sight Words- should be coming home every Monday on index cards

Word Study/ Sight Words (every, live)

Grammar- Adjectives (color, shape, size)



Addition and Subtraction

-problems involving 2 parts unknown





-investigating and understanding seasonal changes that take place in spring



Important Dates/ Reminders

-please sign and return interims

-Last day to register for Rock-A-Thon is today

3/6         Guidance lesson

3/15       Rock-A-Thon


Star Students

3/5         Dominic

3/12       Aarush

3/19       Leonel

3/26       Maruti


Spring Book Orders

-due this Friday

-send in check and order form or order online


Classroom Needs

-disinfecting wipes


Language Arts

Grammar- introduce adjectives

Phonics- long vowels/ long and short a

Word Study sight words (know/ could)

Focus/ Skill- features of a nonfiction story



-review fractions

-review time

-finish money




-sort solids, liquids, and gases

-define and explore dissolving and separating

-experiments with matter


Important Dates/ Reminders

Mar 1                    Student Half Day

Mar 2                    Read Across America Day

Mar 15                  Rock-A-Thon PTA event


Star Student

3/5         Dominic

3/12       Aarush

3/19       Leonel

3/25       Maruti


Language Arts

Focus- Features of Nonfiction (pictures, captions, glossary, index, labels, maps)

Phonics- long u/ short u

Word Study Review words (how, some)

Grammar- pronouns



-finish telling time to the hour and half hour


-counting a collection of like coins (pennies, nickels, dimes) whose total value is 100 cents or less




-define what matter is

-identify and sort solids, liquids, and gases

-define and explore dissolving and separating




Important Dates/ Reminders

100th Day of School- 2/22

101 Day of School- 2/23


Star Students

Desmond 2/26

Dominic 3/5


Language Arts

Focus- Fluency

Grammar- capitalization and using “I” and “me”

Phonics- long vowels

Word Study words/ sight words (put/ her)



-finish fractions


-telling time to the hour and half hour

-minute/ hour




-Finish Famous Americans


-solid/ liquid/ gas




Important Dates and Reminders

-Report Cards come home today

-please sign and return the envelope

-you may keep the report card


Valentine’s Day

-Please send in boxes and valentines on Wednesday

-please do not send candy/food in with valentines


Star Student

2/12       Connor

2/19       Jordyn

2/26       Desmond


Language Arts

Focus- Reading Fluency and using a dictionary

Phonics- long vowel patterns

-magic/ silent “e”

Grammar- Capitalizing proper nouns



-Equal parts







George Washington Carver

Abraham Lincoln

George Washington

Ben Franklin

Eleanor Roosevelt


Important Dates/ Reminders

-please remember to return the pictures that were sent home last week

-2/8 International Night 6-7:30 pm

-2/12 Report Cards come home

-2/14 Valentines and boxes are due on

-please do not send them in early because we do not have enough room in the classroom to store them



Language Arts

Focus- reading fluency

Grammar- capitalizing special names, places, days, and months

Sight words- coming home on index cards

Word Study/ Sight words -have, with

Phonics-               short a/ ar

-Long vowel patterns with magic/silent “e”


Star Students

2/5         Paul-Denis

2/12       Connor

2/19       Jordyn



-counting back 30-1

-review plane shapes






Famous Americans

-Ben Franklin

-Eleanor Roosevelt

-George Washington Carver


SCA Spirit Days

Wednesday- PJ day (please remember to wear sneakers

Thursday- wear your favorite sports hat, t-shirt, jersey, etc..

Friday- Spirit Day- wear your Shady Grove spirit wear or red


Star Student

1/30 Maruti

2/5 Paul-Denis

2/12 Connor



Language Arts

Focus- Visualization

Grammar- Capitalizing names and places

Word Study- new sort coming home this week

                -sight words (say/ who)

Sight words- coming home on index cards




-comparing two groups or number sentences as equal or not equal

4 = 4

4 = 2+ 2

2 +2 = 3+ 1



Earth/ Sun

-the Sun gives us heat, light, and energy

-night/day are cause by the rotation of the Earth

-the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west



See the news for 1/16.  Everything will carry over into this week because of snow days last week.  If you need another copy of word study words please let me know and I will send one home.  Word Study words from last week will be tested this Friday. 



If we miss any school this week all of this material will go into next week.  Word Study words and Sight Words will also carry over into next week.


Star Student

Molly 1/22

Maruti 1/30


Language Arts

-Focus- finding the problem and solution in a story

-Grammar- Compound words

-Phonics- Short vowels for yellow and red groups

-short “o” and “or” for green and blue groups

-Sight Words-coming home today on index cards

-sight words/ spelling words (what, eat)



-adding and subtracting doubles



Winter changes for animals and people





New Student

-Please welcome Aarush to our class.


Important Dates/ Reminders

-Guidance lesson today


Star Students

1/8 Kenny

1/16 Virginia

1/22 Molly

1/30 Maruti


Language Arts

-Main Idea and Details

-Grammar- Plural Nouns

-Sight words- coming home today on index cards

-Phonics/Word Study (short vowels with nasals and digraphs)

-sight words this week our/ want



-Problem Solving- single step addition and subtraction problems

-one part unknown 2+__=8 or __+6=8




-goods and services

-consumer and producer

-making economics choices

-saving money


Important Dates/ Reminders

Class Party– Thursday 12:45-1:45

-We are still looking for someone to do a craft and read a story.

-The craft can be winter related and something very simple.

-Please remember to send in a special snack for your child.

-remember to label it, so your child knows it is for the Winter Party

Jingle Jam– Friday

-this is only for children because of limited space

-wear bells and holiday attire


Language Arts

-Focus- Main Idea

Writing/ Grammar-  Nouns (Person, Place, Thing)

Word Study/ Spelling- short vowels

Sight Words-new words coming home tonight (our, want)

-the words are getting tougher

-continue to practice these and review old words



Adding and Subtracting numbers that equal 3,4,5,6, and 10



-review what Needs and Wants are

-Introduce Producers and Consumers

-Introduce Service Jobs and Jobs that Produce Goods





Important Dates and Reminders

-Tomorrow is the last day to send in food items and toys for our Christmas Mother Drive

-Friday- Interims come home

-please sign and return

-12/14 Class Party 12:45-1:45

-12/15 Jingle Bell Jam


Star Students

1/8 Kenny

1/15 Virginia


Language Arts

-Skill- Prediction

-Grammar/ Writing- nouns (person, place, thing)

-Sight words- Coming home on index cards tonight

-Word Study/ Sight words– “too” “now”

-Phonics- short vowels



-Estimation and Magnitude



-Past, Present, and Future



Important Dates/ Reminders

Please return signed report card envelopes

11/28-12/5 Christmas Mother Drive

-nonperishable foods and new toys

11/28 Guidance lesson


Star Student

Allie 12/4

Kenny 1/8


Language Arts

-Focus- Sequencing a story

-Grammar- writing a complete sentence with a telling and naming part

-Sight words- coming home today

-Word Study test/ Sight words– they new

-New Word Study/ Spelling Website (the old website,, from the tic tac toe homework does not work)




-Counting orally by 1 to 110, starting at any number between 0-110

-Counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 110



Why animals have certain physical characteristics and why they live where they do


Important Reminders/ Dates

Reflections Program 11/16

Report Cards come home 11/21

Thanksgiving Break 11/22-11/26


Star Student

11/27 Isabella



Language Arts

Skill- Beginning/ Middle/ End

Phonics- short vowels

Grammar- telling part of a sentence

Word Study/ Sight words for this week- there/ are



Comparing numbers 1-110

-greater than/ less than/ equal to





-physical characteristics





Important Dates/ Events

11/7- Student Holiday

11/9- Field Trip to Maymont

-reminder note/ information coming home tonight

11/16 PTA Reflections Program


Star Student

11/13 Dylan

11/27 Isabella


Language Arts

-Skill- Beginning, Middle, and End

-Grammar- Telling and Naming parts of a sentence

-Sight words- coming home tonight on index cards

-phonics- short vowels

-Word Study spelling words “help” and “here”



-grouping a collection of 1-110 objects into tens and ones and writing the corresponding numeral



-basic needs of animals


From Dr. Austin:

Do you want to be a part of designing our next division-level strategic plan?  If so, please plan to be at Hungary Creek Middle School (4909 Francistown Road) at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 8, to hear from Mr. David Stephen, co-founder of High Tech High and New Vista Designs for Learning (  The focus of the evening will be the cornerstone of Academic Achievement.


Mr. Stephen will discuss how the design of school programs and buildings can best support the changing needs of ‘future ready’ students and teachers.  Mr. Stephen has over 20 years of experience partnering with some of the field’s best visionaries, working with schools nationwide to imagine, develop, and implement innovative school programs.  His message will revolve around the cornerstone of Academic Progress.


The bottom line is that we want to hear from you as to how HCPS can continue its history of being a forward thinking school division.  Mr. Stephen is guaranteed to stimulate our thinking and help promote innovative ideas for our schools that will benefit our students and our community.



I look forward to seeing you Wednesday evening to meet and hear from Mr. Stephen.

You are also invited to give us your thoughts on the new strategic plan by completing a short online survey or applying for a steering committee of 15-20 people. Look for other ways to get involved throughout the school year.



In partnership,



Stacey Austin

Principal, Shady Grove Elementary School

12200 Wyndam Lake Dr

Glen Allen, VA 23059

(804) 360-0825



-please do not wear costumes to school tomorrow

-please do not send candy in for snack


Important Announcements and Dates

10/31                     Guidance Lesson with Mrs. Askins

11/6-11/7            Conferences (See Nlist to sign up)

11/7                       Student Holiday

11/8                       Wear your favorite college sweatshirt, jersey or shirt

11/9                       Field Trip to Maymont


Star Students

10/30     Gia

11/6       Jacob

11/13     Dylan


Language Arts

Skill- Setting (where and when) of a story

Phonics- short vowels

Sight words- coming home today

                -review words/ word study “you” and “yellow”

Grammar- naming parts of  a sentence



Problem Solving/ Word Problems

-addition and subtraction






Field Trip

-A field trip permission slip/ info. was sent home today.  Please fill it out and return it to me ASAP.



  • I will be sending out an Nlist this Wednesday night to sign up for conferences. Conferences will be after school on 11/6 and the morning of 11/7.


Important Dates and Reminders

-Please sign and send back the cover sheet to the Word Study homework each Friday.  You do not have to send the work back, just the sheet that shows what activities they did that week.

-Please send back the Math homework that comes home each Wednesday night.  I either check that and send it back home or we check it together.



-Interims were sent home on a yellow sheet.  Please sign and return.


Word Study tests

I did not count the sight words on last week’s word study test and this week’s word study test.  I did not send the words home in my newsletter, so the children did not have time to practice them. The  words this week are “me” and “my”.


Star Student

10/30 Gia

11/6 Jacob


Book Orders

-I sent book orders home  on Friday.  We had a  few children order.  Scholastic gives the teacher points toward books on each order.  The more we order the more points I accumulate.  With this order and from some points left over from last year I was able to order over 20 new books for our classroom!  Please be on the lookout for another order coming home in the next few weeks.


Language Arts

Skill- Setting (the when and where)

Phonics/ Word Study (short vowel patterns)

                -Sight words for this week’s spelling test “me” and “my”

Grammar/ Writing- Asking and Telling sentences

Sight Words- Coming home tonight

-Every Friday I call the children back one on one to read them for me.  They have done an awesome job these first few weeks.  Keep practicing them at home.



Counting on by 0, 1, and 2

Counting down by 0, 1,  and 2

-using the number line, but trying to get them to do this in their head




Focus on changes that take place during the fall

-changes in how we dress

-changes in animals

-changes in trees and plants

-changes in weather



Medical Leave

I will be having a surgical procedure this Wednesday morning.  I will be on medical leave starting 10/4 and will be returning the week of 10/16.  Mrs. Mills will be in for me at that time.  She has been in my classroom this year and in previous years has been a board sub for other grade levels.  She will not have access to email, so please send all communication in your child’s folder.



Homework starts this week.  You will find a homework sheet inside your child’s folder today.  It will have this week’s word study/spelling words stapled to the back of it.  These are the words that you use to complete the tic-tac-toe board.  Work does not need to be sent back to school.  Please  sign and  return the cover sheet on FRIDAY.

***We will have a word study test on these words this week.

*** The two sight words that will also be tested on the spelling test are “the” and “away”.

-Each week numbers 11 and 12 will be two previous sight words that your child will be responsible to spell.  It is a good idea to add these to their practice every night.

A math sheet will be sent home this Wednesday.  Please send this back to school to be checked.

Sight/vocabulary words are coming home tonight in a Ziploc bag.  Please continue to have your child read these.


Shady Grove Spirit Success Week

Wednesday, Oct. 4          Dress Like a PE Teacher Day (Wear Workout clothes)

Thursday, Oct. 5               Black Out Day (Wear Black)

Friday, Oct. 6                      Shady Grove Spirit Day (Wear Shady Grove Apparel)

Monday, Oct. 9                 Jersey Day (Wear Your favorite sports team)

Tuesday, Oct. 10               Red Out Day (wear red)

Wednesday, Oct 11         Wacky Wednesday (dress wacky/mismatch


Important Dates/ Reminders

Guidance tomorrow

Half Day 10/9


Language Arts

Story “Ants”

Skill- nonfiction/fiction

-ABC order

Word Study- short e

Grammar- complete or incomplete sentence




-collecting/ interpreting and discussing data

-using tables

-bar graphs

-picture graphs

-object graphs



National Symbols

-Statue of Liberty

-Washington Monument

-Bald Eagle

-White House

-Liberty Bell


Important terms (patriotic, symbol, tradition)


Important Reminders/ Information

-Book orders are coming home today

-you can order online or send a check in with your order

-orders are due on or before this FRIDAY


-please remember to remind your child which is their snack and which is their lunch

-please remember to not send juice or yogurt in for snack

-dry snacks or fruit for snack


Star Student

Next week- Chase


Language Arts

Skill- author/ illustrator

Sight Words- will come home  today in a Ziploc bag

-make sure your child can read them

Word Study- short o

-practice week/ no homework

-whole group


-ending marks

-starting sentences with a capital letter


-If I were a leaf…



Sorting/ Classifying

-by size

-by shape

-by color

-by thickness



Scientific Investigation

-what is science

-what is a scientist

-what tools do scientist use

-what senses do scientist use


Reminders and Important Events

-Half Day this Thursday

-we will still have a snack time in the morning

-Please remember to check/ clean out your child’s folder and check their behavior calendar each night.

Purple- excellent day

Blue- great day

Green-  good day

Yellow- spoken to frequently

Orange- spoken to and redirected many times throughout  the day


Children start each day on green.  Green is a good thing.  If they are really “on the ball” or having a great day they can clip up to blue or purple.  If they have to be redirected or reminded multiple times they clip down.  Children are able to clip up or down throughout the day.



Parts of a Book/ Story


-table of contents


-author/ illustrator

-pictures/ captions/ diagrams


Reading Groups

-Last week and this week we will continue to practice “Reading to Self”.

-introduce and practice our “Word Work” station this week


Sight words

-are coming home today in a Ziploc bag

-practice reading these (They do not have to know how to spell them.)

-save them

-throughout the year the children will periodically be assessed on if they can read them or use them in a sentence


Word Study

-this week all the children will do a practice sort in the classroom

-I will  not send a sort home.

-They will have a practice test on Friday.  I will check it, but not grade it.


Writing/ Grammar

-using capital letters and end marks




-repeating (AB, ABC, AABB, etc…)




-review what a community is ( a place where people live, work, and play)

-types of communities

-focus on volunteering and voting



Important Reminders

-Back to School Night is this Thursday

-parents only

-please remember to clean out your child’s folder each night -please remember to send a dry snack to school each day -any transportation changes have to be in writing and sent to school in your child’s folder


Language Arts/ Wirting

-rhyming words

-sentence order

-establish purpose for reading

-handwriting (spacing words)



-Shapes/ plane figures

-identify, trace describe, and sort

-identifying shapes within the environment



-all about me

-reviewing rules and routines

-getting to know one another