If your child is bored today I am sending along their homework for the week and a few activities to get them ready for the week.

-Homework is attached

-Homework can be sent in on Friday.


I also attached some extra activities they can work on today for a prize when they return to school.

-A Pebble Go Activity is attached to go along with Louis Braille.

-They can access Pebble Go through our library.  They can watch the video on him and then complete the sheet.

-They can go to “Social Studies”, “Biographies”, and then “Inventors”.

-They also can watch videos on animal migration, hibernation, and adaptations.

-go to “Animals” and then “Animal Behavior”

–  I also attached a doubles worksheet.



One last thing…Tell them that part of their work/ homework today is to go outside and play in the snow instead of playing video games! J


Language Arts

Phonics-  long u

Skill-  Biographies

Grammar-  Proper Nouns (Names)



Adding and subtracting doubles









Important Dates/ Reminders

Homework is coming home tonight.

1/17 PTA Night

1/21 MLK Holiday


Star Students

1/7         Airyana

1/14       Calley

1/21       Brooke

1/28       Riley


Language Arts

-Phonics- Long “I”

-Grammar- compound words

-Skill- problem and solution



-problem solving single step word problems with one part unknown




-goods and services

-making economic choices

-saving money


Important Dates/ Reminders for this week and next week

We will not have homework  or a spelling test this week or next week.


Jingle Bell Jam

-next Wednesday

-for students only because of space limitations in the gym

-wear holiday attire and bells

Holiday Party 12:15-1:30

-everyone is invited

-We  will not be providing a snack for the party.  Please send a special snack for your child that day.  Please let them know which snack is for snack and which is for the party in the afternoon.



 Language Arts

Phonics-review short vowels/ long a

Grammar-nouns (person/ place/ thing)

Skill- review character, setting, problem, solution, and story order


Star Students

Ariyana- 1/7

Calley- 1/14



Addition and Subtraction 0-10




-Needs and Wants

-Consumer/ Producer

-Goods and Services



Important Dates/ Reminders

-Guidance today (lesson on worry)

-Cultural Arts Program this Thursday

“Trickster Tales”



If you have any questions about the gifted program be sure to check the school website for information.


Language Arts

-New sight words and spelling homework is coming home tonight

-Skill- Prediction

-Phonics- long a sound with a silent/magic e

-Grammar- nouns (person, place or thing)




-The student will select a reasonable order of magnitude from three given quantities and be able to explain how they arrived at their answer.



-distinguishing between past, present, and future


Important Reminders/ Dates

Report Cards came home last week.

-Please sign and send back the envelope.

Pictures are coming home tonight for those of you who ordered pictures.

-We will have pictures again in the spring.

PTA Reflections Ceremony is this Thursday night.


Star Student

12/3       Behruz

12/10     Gemma


Language Arts

-new homework/ sight words are coming home tonight

-Skill- Sequencing

-Phonics- short vowel review

-Grammar- writing a complete sentence



-counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s to 110




-physical characteristics and where they live


Important Dates/ Reminders

Report Cards some home tomorrow

Thanksgiving Vacation 11/21-11/25


We will not have homework or a spelling list this week.


This Week:


First Grade Fall/ Thanksgiving Rotation

-The children spent 20 minutes in each first grade room doing various fall and Thanksgiving activities.


-Thanksgiving activities

-Mrs. Aquilina, Innovative Learning Coach, is coming in to demo the new Chrome Books and do an activity with us

-Annual Thanksgiving Parade around the halls of Shady Grove presented by the Administration and Resource teams


Star Students

11/26     Vibha

12/3       Behruz



Important Dates/ Reminders

Friday- Pocahontas State Park Stations

Friday- Our lunch time will be switched  to 12:15-12:45

11/20- Report Cards come home

11/21-12/2- Thanksgiving Holiday

11/28- Fall Picture Makeups


Book Fair

Dates and times for the Fair

Monday, November 12th: 2:30-5:00pm

Tuesday, November 13th: 2:30-7:00pm

Wednesday, November 14th: 2:30-5:00pm




Star Students

11/12     Nicholas

11/26     Vibha

12/3       Behruz


Language Arts

Sight Words/ Spelling Words/ homework is coming home tonight

Phonics- final blends with short vowels

Skill- Beginning/ Middle/ End

Grammar/Writing- Telling Parts



-Comparing numbers between 1-110 using words greater than, less than, and equal to

-Ordering 3 or fewer sets from least to greatest and greatest to least




-classification of physical characteristics (coverings, appendages, and movement)



Important Dates/ Reminders

-no school tomorrow

-conferences this week by appointment


Field Trip


-Bring a labeled bag lunch

-Bring a snack

-we will have snack before we leave

-Wear comfortable shoes

-Dress for the weather


Book Orders

-coming home today

-due this Friday

– you may order online or send in a check with the order form anytime this week


Star Students

11/12     Nicholas

11/26     Vibha


Language Arts

-New sight words/ spelling/ homework is coming home tonight

-Phonics-“r” and “l” blends

-Skill- Beginning, Middle, and End of a story

-Grammar- telling part of a sentence



-Group a collection of 1-110 objects into tens and ones and write the corresponding number



-Basic needs of animals


New Student

-Please welcome Sophia to our classroom.  Sophia joined us last Wednesday.


Field Trip Rescheduled  11/8

-A new permission slip is coming home tonight.  Please fill it out and return it ASAP.

– I will be using the same chaperones unless they cannot attend.


Reminders/ Events

November 6       Student Holiday/ Election Day


Star Students

10/29     Evan

11/5       Asher

11/12     Nicholas



Language Arts

-sight words coming home tonight

Review week

-review all short vowels

-review digraphs

-review our old sight words

Skill- Setting (where and when of a story)

Grammar- Naming Parts of a sentence



-problem solving single step addition and subtraction word problems



-elections and voting


Important Reminders

Today- Guidance Lesson

Tomorrow- Wear Red

Wednesday- Picture Day

Field Trip- Friday


Field Trip


-Buses leave at 9:15

-We will have snack before we leave

-Dress for the weather

-Pack a bag lunch

-label the bag with your child’s name

-all items in the bag and bag should be disposable


Language Arts

-New Sight words/ spelling words and homework are coming home today

-Skill- Setting (where/ when)

-Phonics- short e

– Grammar- Naming parts of a sentence



-adding and subtracting adding 0, 1, and 2

-focusing on speed




-focus on the changes of Summer to Fall






Important Dates/ Reminders

Interims come home today on a yellow sheet

-please sign and return

Fun Run on Wednesday

Field trip Permission slips are coming home today

-please fill out and send back ASAP

-I will pick chaperones by Friday

-you do not need to send any money

10/24 Fall Picture Day


Spirit Days This Week

Wacky Wednesday- dress wacky

Black Out Thursday-  Wear Black

Spirit Wear Friday-  wear red or Shady Grove Spirit Wear


Star Student

10/ 15  Jasmine

10/22 Keagan

10/29 Evan

11/5 Asher


Language Arts

-new homework/ sight words coming home today

Phonics- short u/ ch/ th

Grammar- Asking sentences

Theme-Main Characters



Addition and Subtraction

-identify symbols +,-,=

-part/ whole fluency for numbers 3, 4, 5


– 3 and _ make 5

-_ and 1 make 3

-3 and 1 make _



Finish National Symbols

Start Changing seasons

-Summer to Fall


Important Dates/ Reminders

Thursday- Barefoot Puppet Theater Assembly

10/17 PTA Fun Run

10/24 Fall Picture Day


Star Students

10/9 Rishab

10/15 Jasmine

10/22 Keagan

10/ 29 Evan

-see my blog for schedule and information


Language Arts

-new sight words/ homework is coming home tonight

-you only have to do two boxes this week since it is a shorter week

Phonics- short i

Skill- Main Characters

Grammar- Telling sentences and ending mark (.)

Start Reading Groups this Week



-counting numbers from 1-110 starting at any number

-writing numbers 1-30



Columbus Day


National Symbols

-Bald Eagle


-Statue of Liberty

-Washington Monument

-Liberty Bell


Important Dates/ Reminders

Spirit Dress up Days

Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday

Thursday- PJ Day

Friday- Team Spirit Day


Frog Prince Performance/ assembly- This Wednesday

Fun Run- October 17th


Star Students

10/1 Jordan

10/8 Rishab

10/15 Jasmine

10/22 Keagan


Language Arts

-New Sight/ Spelling words are coming home tonight in a Ziploc bag

-New Homework Sheet is coming home tonight


Phonics- short o

Writing/ Grammar- complete sentence and ABC order

Whole Group- fiction vs. nonfiction

Reading Groups- Finish  assessments and continue to build stamina in reading groups



-collecting and recording data

-interpreting graphs



National Symbols

-Washington Monument

-American Flag

-Bald Eagle

-Liberty Bell


Important Reminders/ Announcements

-Homework starts today

-the sheet should be in your child’s folder

-please send only the sheet back on Friday

-Today is the LAST day to register for the Short Pump Mile

-A practice spelling test and a practice reading comprehension sheet are coming home in your child’s folder tonight.  We will have a spelling test every Friday and a reading comprehension test every Thursday/ Friday.


Language Arts

Reading Groups

-continue to practice building stamina in our reading stations


-Read to Self

-Word Work

-introduce and practice Read to Someone this week

Writing/ Grammar

-Leaf Story

-continue to practice using capitals to begin a sentence and .?! to end a sentence

Parts of a Book






-short a

-rhyming words



-finish repeating and growing patterns


Sort and Classify

-by shape, size, color, and thickness



Scientific Investigation

-what is  science

-what is a scientist

-how do they use their senses

-what tools do they use

-what do they do



Important Dates and Reminders

Half Day this Wednesday

Back to School Night is this Thursday at 6:00

-adults only

*Homework will start next week


Language Arts

Parts of a book

-cover, title, author, illustrator, captions, glossary, table of contents

Sight words last week and this week

-at, like, am, see, me, can, go, the, is, to

-creating rhyming words

Reading Groups

-continue practice and building stamina

-“Read to Self”


-Introduce and practice “Word Work”


-using capital letters and end marks when writing sentences



-finish shapes

-describe, identify, and create growing and repeating patterns



Constitution Day today



-focus on volunteering




Important Dates/ Reminders

Student Half Day- September 19

Back to School Night- September 20


Language Arts

-Sight words-Sight words are coming home in a Ziploc bag today.  Each week new words will come home.  Your child is responsible to read and spell these each week.  I will talk more about these at “Back to School Night”.

-Please hold on to these words.


-handwriting- letter formation/ spacing words













-school rules

-“All About Me”

Welcome to first grade!


It was so nice meeting everyone yesterday!   I know we are going to have a great year!


This will be my main way to communicate throughout the year.  I will send home an email/ newsletter every Monday afternoon about what is coming up each week and general information.  I try to keep them short and simple using mostly bullet points.  I also post my newsletter to my blog each Monday.


If you noticed your email address was wrong please let me know and I will fix it.


“Back to School Night” is where I will go over classroom procedures, grading, homework, reading groups, word study/ spelling, Star Student, etc…




-please send a healthy snack each  day for your child

-“Take Home” folders will come home each night (These are the folders you labeled with their name and placed in their desk at Open House.)

-please empty out the folder and return it to school each day

-use this folder to send in any notes, lunch money, etc..


Important Dates

9/19- Early Release

9/20-  “Back to School Night”


Next Week


Language Arts


-consonants and vowels



-ordinal positions to 10



-“All About Me”

-school expectations

-getting to know one another