What time does my child need to be at school?
Students arriving to our classroom after 8:10 are tardy. If they are eating breakfast at school, it is excused.

Will my child get free lunch like his/her siblings did last year?
Families MUST reapply each year. Contact the cafeteria manager as soon as possible to begin the process. 804-364-0055

Can I walk my child to class?
As a parent, I know it is hard to believe. Students really do transition better if you drop them off at the school door.

Can my student have a snack during the day?
Yes! Students should come to class having had a healthy breakfast either at home or at school. We eat pretty late (12:40), so please send a healthy snack EVERY DAY.  For a few minutes between 10:00 and 11:00 we will have a “working snack.”  This means we will continue to do our lessons and keep learning while we grab a quick bite to eat. Snacks should be dry and not require a spoon. (We don’t want anything spilled on our wonderful work!) Student favorites include pretzels, crackers, dry cereal, cereal bars, sliced apples, grapes, and carrots.


Can we celebrate my child’s birthday at school?
Yes! You can come have lunch with your student! They love that! Food treats are not allowed, but you are welcome to send pencils, novelties, and other non food treats. We’d LOVE for you to come read a book to the class!!!! You could also consider donating a book to our class in honor of your child. I’ll put a special name plate on the inside announcing the donation. Please let me know in advance what your plans are.

Invitations – Party invitations can only be passed out if there is one for every student. You can imagine being five years old and sitting with friends who were invited, but you were not. If you would like me to send your contact information to certain parents, please send me a note in your child’s folder. Please do not mention the contents of the note to your child.

Do you have nap time in kindergarten?
We do not have a time set aside for nap time. Some students have a little trouble adjusting to this at the beginning of the year. I will keep that in mind. When needed, the class might have some quiet time or some calming time. By October, most students have become used to the routine and schedule and can make it throughout the day.

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