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For our class:

  • Snowman Project due this FRIDAY
    • There are TWO parts to the assignment.
    • Help your child decorate the snowman.
    • Have your child make up a story about his/her snowman.  PLEASE make sure the ideas are your child’s.  Please do not help too much.  It should be your student’s words and work.  (I loved the family holiday projects.  However, some included words like glorious, hemisphere and illumination that I don’t think came from the student’s mind.)
    • You should WRITE what the student SAYS while making up the story.
  • Assessments and Conferences – Last week, this week and next week I will be meeting with students, one at a time to assess progress in reading and math.  I will send a written report at the end of January to ALL parents explaining the results.  At that time, I will also contact parents that I feel I need to meet with in person.  Those parents will be offered one of a limited number of spots available during the school’s evening conferences.  The conferences will be held in early February.
  • Friday Lunch Fridays are a popular day to buy lunch because of the pizza.  Please don’t forget to still send a snack though.  Lunch is very late in the day.
  • Text Messages – I love sending reminders using the Remind app.  Unfortunately, I’ve just been told that Verizon users will no longer be able to receive these texts because of a new fee.  I’m not sure how many people this affects.  I’ll keep using it, but I’ll also be relying on emails and this blog more.


  • Multicultural Museum – I’m sorry for any confusion surrounding the Multicultural Museum project.  A school-wide plan was set in motion before we realized some tweaking was needed for Kindergarteners.  I’ll be sending home more information about this later.  For now, please just return the WHITE slip of paper sent home last week.  It asks you to list your child’s favorite family meal.
  • Muffins with Mom – We are excited to welcome Catava Burton, HCPS Educational Specialist, to Muffins with Moms, January 18, from 8-8:30am.  In her “Are You Smarter than Your Child’s Smart Phone?” workshop she will share the latest texting slang, secret apps, and social media tricks.  Information will also be provided on bullying/cyberbullying, human trafficking, internet safety, and psychological impact of these issues.  Strategies will be provided to help parents keep their children safe.  Bring your smart phone!


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