Week One – Wonderful!

What a great week we had! It was great getting to know all of our new friends. We learned what it takes to keep us safe and ready to learn. We visited the library, went to music class and physical education class. Coach Le Clair said we did an amazing job in P.E. We felt proud. The first three days of school, I stayed in the cafeteria at lunch time to help students learn what is expected. On Friday, they were on their own. I was so pleased when I came to pick them up and learned that they had two blue cups! This means that they were fabulous for the cafeteria monitors. 🙂 It was a great way to end a great week!

Please send in your child’s BLUE communication folder every day. All notes and lunch money should be in this folder. All money must be put in an envelope or zip lock bag labeled with child’s name, teacher’s name and the purpose of the money.

Please be sure your student eats a good breakfast before arriving at school. We’re still getting used to a class schedule and some students are telling me they are hungry well before snack time.
Thank you for helping your child know what is for snack and what is for lunch. The labels have been great. Snacks should be something that does not require a spoon and doesn’t contain liquid. We will eat snack while we are working. We do not want our snack to spill on our work, clothes, or table. I will not be providing students with spoons or forks.

Water bottles are permitted in the classroom. Please make sure the lids are on securely so they do not leak in your child’s backpack.

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