Good Choices

In kindergarten we will be learning how to behave in a learning environment. Students will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will result in all classmates having the opportunity to learn in a safe and friendly place. Each day, I will put a mark on the student’s calendar. The color marked will let you know how the day went. It is expected that students end the day on the color green. Please sign the calendar each Friday afternoon.

Purple: Great Job!

I made amazing choices today and was a great role model for my classmates! I did not need reminders about how to behave. I tried my best in all that I was asked to do. I was kind to friends and adults.

Green: Ready to Learn!

I stayed focused and was eager to learn!

Yellow: Think About It

I made a few poor choices today and/or needed reminders about how to perform at my best.

Orange: Teacher’s Choice

Even after reminders, I continued to make poor choices. My teacher had me do an activity to help me think about how to make better choices. (Sit and reflect, draw/write about the problem, conference with the teacher…)

Red: Parent Contact

Parent will be contacted via phone or email to discuss behavior.

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