Our New Schedule

Review and Enrichment Sessions – optional – all invited
Monday, Wednesday, Friday  10:30am – 10:50am

Social Hang Out – optional – approximately half the class at a time
Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 – 8:00

April 14 – all boys
April 16 – all girls
April 21 – even number students
April 23 – odd number students
April 28 – table 3, 4 and part of 1 (Anwitha, Yashu, Aishu, Navish, Kai, Sunny, Swara, Makel, Mirthika, Saanvi, Jack)
April 30 – table 2, 5 and part of 1 (Sreejani, Bhavesh, Abel, Andres, Orane, Krishnavi, Jennah, Shanvi, Arjun)

Refer to the email sent on 4/13/2020 to get meeting id numbers and passcodes. The email also has your student’s class number

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Community Service Project – optional

As we all know, the front line medical workers and other essential workers are owed a huge debt of gratitude.  I would like to collect some original art work, letters, signs, or cards from the students to send to some of these community helpers.  It could simply say “thank you,” contain a more personal note or just be a pretty picture.

Please be sure your student includes their name, age and CTES on it

Please send the community projects by April 24 to the address I emailed on 4/13/2020.



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What’s Happening?

Click here to see some pictures and videos of your friends!

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ZOOM Meet Up Tonight (3/31/2020) at 7:30

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Let’s Talk!

We’re going to try our first video chat at 7:30 tonight, March 25.
Have your parents check their emails at 7:30 to join.
Be sure to download the free ZOOM app ahead of time.


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Zearn Class Code: ZF9G2A

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Interesting Suggestion

My son and I are doing our own version of this while we’re out of school. I think structure & routine are great ways to instill a sense of security & normalcy for young students and adults alike!

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Money, Money, Money




We’ve been studying pennies and nickels. How much are they worth? What do they look like? How are they different and how are they similar? While you’re at home, study dimes and quarters.

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What is magnetic? What attracts and what repels? We can tell you!                                      video: magnets in motion

video: Yeah, I did it!

video: Look what it does!

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Seuss Week March 2 – 6










Kindergarten Celebrates Dr. Seuss at CTES!

Monday, March 2nd – The Cat in the Hat      Wear a hat to school. The sillier the better!

Tuesday, March 3rd – No School.

Wednesday, March 4th – Wacky Wednesday!     Wear wacky clothes (mismatched, backwards…) in honor of the book, Wacky Wednesday!

Thursday, March 5th – Oh, The Places You’ll Go!      Wear a souvenir shirt from some place you’ve visited or would like to visit.

***Friday, March 6th***– Dr. Seuss Dress Up!      Dress up as your favorite Dr. Seuss character.  Kindergarteners will have a character parade through the halls of CTES.

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Heritage Night

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Student Lead Conferences

Students did an incredible job of sharing their portfolios with family members. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our successes and discuss our future goals!

If you attended, please provide some feedback using this link:  CTES SLC Parent Feedback

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100th Day of School!!!!

It is hard to believe we’ve been in school 100 days.  We have done and learned so much!  Today, we had a great time predicting whose collection of one hundred items would weigh the least and the most, whose would make the longest and shortest lines of laid end to end and counting to make sure we really had 100!  Click to see more pictures.


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100 Days!

Hey!  Hey!  What do you say?   We’ve been in school for 100 days!

To celebrate our 100th day of Kindergarten on Wednesday, February 12, we will do a number of math activities involving the number 100!

Here is what we need you to do:

  • Help your student select 100 items to bring to school.
  • They must all be the SAME item, not a collection of things.
  • They must be SAFE! No safety pins, pointy tooth picks…
  • Help your student count the items to make sure there are exactly 100. (Hint: Your student has been learning to count by 10s. Grouping them in sets of tens might be helpful!)
  • Place the items in a secure container such as a zip lock bag, paper bag, plastic container or shoebox.
  • Send your collection in on or before the 100th day (Tuesday, February 21th).

All items will be returned to you.

Suggestions that can be found around home or at Dollar Tree: rubber bands, cotton balls, pennies, hair beads, paper clips, erasers, straws, Q-tips, buttons, stickers, chenille stems, pom-poms.

We prefer edible items not be sent.


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Check out our pictures!

Check out our pictures!

Mrs. Hartman taught us a strategy for calming our brain and body.  Deep Belly Breathing   Click here for more.

We were global citizens by collecting change to help animals in Australia.  We sorted the change to make it easier for the Third Graders to count.  Click here for more.

I was so excited to watch some of my friends (past and present) dance at a local event! They were fabulous!    Click here for more.



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What’s Coming Up…

2/10 – Report Cards come home

2/12 – The HUNDREDTH day of school!  We’ll be doing some “hundred” theme activities.

2/13 – Student led conferences  (3:30-5:05)  Your children can’t wait to show you what they have learned so far and what their goals are for the rest of the year!  If you cannot make it the packet will be sent home with your child.

2/14 – Valentine’s Day – Optional – If you do send valentines, you must have one for each of our 19 classmates.  Please have your child write who the valentine is from and who it is to before sending them on Friday, February 14.  A list of names went home in the daily folders and via email.  We will be decorating a valentine bag in class for your child to collect the valentines given to them.

2/17- Half day for students – If your child is buying a premade bag lunch, before to return the paper lunch order.

2/27- Heritage Night  6:00    More information to come from Mrs. Molnar, our ESL/LIEP teacher.


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A New and Innovative Approach to Discussing Student Progress

I know you have received several notices about our upcoming student led conferences. This is the first time CTES has adopted this valuable process, so we will all be learning together.  The purpose of this conference time is for your child to show you what he/she has accomplished in school and what they hope to accomplish by June. Your child will have a portfolio of work to share with you during your conference. This is a conference between you and your child. There will be tips posted to help you both navigate through this new process.   Teachers will be present to support, but not actively engage in the conference.

Sign up here:  http://tiny.cc/CTESLC

If you are unable to attend on the designated date during the designated hours, please don’t worry.  Your child will bring home their portfolio to go through it with you at home.

The student led conference will completely replace the traditional mid-year parent teacher conference.  Please refer to your student’s report card for more information about your child’s progress in kindergarten.  It will be coming home on February 10.  If your student is demonstrating a deficit or I have concerns, I have already contacted you and made plans to meet.

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Sunny’s Mystery Reader

Thanks to Sunny’s mom for being our Mystery Reader!  It was a great book!

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Thank you so much!

I am truly touched by the birthday wishes, cards and cake!  You have made me feel very special.  I can’t think you enough!


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