Feb. 18 – 22

Wow!  February is flying by.  Here are a few notes about this week.

  • Monday – a President’s Day poem project is coming home. Please help your child select one of the two poems to memorize.
  • Monday – We will be writing responses to “My Favorite Meal” and creating the meal using craft materials.
  • Wednesday is the 99th day of school. I’d like to have everyone’s collection of 100 items in the classroom.  This will allow us to be sure we have something appropriate for everyone to count the next day.
  • Thursday – 100th Day of School! Just for fun, let’s all wear our green class shirt.  (We’ll be using it again for another field trip and field day.)
  • Thursday Night – 6:30 – Brief PTA/First Grade Performance/Multicultural Night – We will display our favorite meal projects and enjoy some culinary samples from around the world.
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I See You!

Prasoon celebrate his birthday by gifting us these silly glasses!  Happy Birthday Prasoon!  

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Winter is Here!

We celebrated winter by making these super cool snowflakes!

Thanks Mrs. Anna & Ms. Ashley!

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Shadows: light, something blocking the light, surface

Ms. M from the Math, Science, and Innovation Center came by to talk to us about shadows. We had so much fun!

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When one of your girl friends returns after being sick for three days…

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Updates and Info

For our class:

  • Snowman Project due this FRIDAY
    • There are TWO parts to the assignment.
    • Help your child decorate the snowman.
    • Have your child make up a story about his/her snowman.  PLEASE make sure the ideas are your child’s.  Please do not help too much.  It should be your student’s words and work.  (I loved the family holiday projects.  However, some included words like glorious, hemisphere and illumination that I don’t think came from the student’s mind.)
    • You should WRITE what the student SAYS while making up the story.
  • Assessments and Conferences – Last week, this week and next week I will be meeting with students, one at a time to assess progress in reading and math.  I will send a written report at the end of January to ALL parents explaining the results.  At that time, I will also contact parents that I feel I need to meet with in person.  Those parents will be offered one of a limited number of spots available during the school’s evening conferences.  The conferences will be held in early February.
  • Friday Lunch Fridays are a popular day to buy lunch because of the pizza.  Please don’t forget to still send a snack though.  Lunch is very late in the day.
  • Text Messages – I love sending reminders using the Remind app.  Unfortunately, I’ve just been told that Verizon users will no longer be able to receive these texts because of a new fee.  I’m not sure how many people this affects.  I’ll keep using it, but I’ll also be relying on emails and this blog more.


  • Multicultural Museum – I’m sorry for any confusion surrounding the Multicultural Museum project.  A school-wide plan was set in motion before we realized some tweaking was needed for Kindergarteners.  I’ll be sending home more information about this later.  For now, please just return the WHITE slip of paper sent home last week.  It asks you to list your child’s favorite family meal.
  • Muffins with Mom – We are excited to welcome Catava Burton, HCPS Educational Specialist, to Muffins with Moms, January 18, from 8-8:30am.  In her “Are You Smarter than Your Child’s Smart Phone?” workshop she will share the latest texting slang, secret apps, and social media tricks.  Information will also be provided on bullying/cyberbullying, human trafficking, internet safety, and psychological impact of these issues.  Strategies will be provided to help parents keep their children safe.  Bring your smart phone!


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32 Degrees, Water Starts to Freeze!

Click here to see pictures of your friends in the snow.  

Click here to hear the Thermometer song.

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First Snow Day

We were so surprised by the snow! Click here to see us play in the snow.

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November 19

We had so much fun on Friday during our Fall Celebration. We created cute bear magnets, played pin-the-nose-on-the pumpkin, decorated leaves and bowled with candy corn! Huge thanks to Mrs. Gooden and Mrs. Director for their help. We could not have had so much fun without you!

Another huge thank you to the Sharfmans and Goodens for recent classroom donations. We will certainly use the items you contributed to make learning fun and engaging! Please check out my blog for more ideas from our wish list.

On Tuesday, we will participate in CTES’s Turkey Trot. It’s a time for students to get outside, get some fresh air and exercise a bit! Parents are invited to come walk/jog/run as well. I’m sorry, siblings that do not attend CTES are not able to come. The weather looks good, but please be sure to dress your child in layers and shoes for walking/running.

Speaking of dressing your children, please have your child practice putting on his/her gloves and mittens. Have your student practice zipping, hooking, buttoning and fastening their coats and pants. I’ve shown students how to zip up, then down when a zipper gets stuck. That often does the trick.

Thank you for sending in a change of clothes for your child. We seem to have been having a number of accidents lately. Please remind them to keep the clothes in their backpack. Also remind them that if I’m not talking, they can go without asking permission. They should also remember to go BEFORE it is an emergency. Finally, if I am teaching/talking to the class, remind them to use our “secret bathroom signal” when raising their hand so I can nod them on without them having to wait too long.

11/12-11/26- Food Collection for the Henrico Christmas Mother. This program relies on hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donors to provide food to more than 6,000 Henrico County residents who need our help during the holiday season. Each class will be competing with each other to see who brings in the most non-perishable and can goods. The teacher of the winning class on each grade level will be crowned during the Turkey Court the week after Thanksgiving. We’re already off to a great start. Thank you so much for your donations.

Finally, please have a safe and restful Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

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Veteran’s Day

Mrs. Andrew’s fourth graders came to create Veteran’s Day tribute. Click here for more pictures.

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Sweet Team Work

Folding the chair can be complicated. These three friends decided to work together to bring my chair all the way across the field to me. 🙂

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Mystery Reader

Nini’s mom came to read to our class. We really enjoyed having her. She read a couple of books, but our favorite was The Book With No Pictures. Who would have thought a book with no pictures could be so funny! Thanks Mrs. Anna!

Click here to sign up to be a Mystery Reader.

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Children’s Museum

Sorry for the delay in the pictures!  We had a great time.  The children were wonderful.  In fact, the bus driver said we were the best group he’s ever taken!  BIG THANKS to the chaperones who went with us.  You were a great help in making the trip a success.  (If you have any pictures you’d like to share, please send them.)

Click here for more pictures.

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Notes and Updates

  • My homeroom students received an Interim Report on Friday. Please look in your child’s Take Home Folder.  Please sign and return it tomorrow.
  • PICTURE DAY tomorrow! Please bring your beautiful smile!
  • Thursday is our field trip. I am really hoping our green shirts come in on time.  If they don’t arrive in time and you already have a green shirt that your can child to wear, please plan on it.  DO NOT BUY A GREEN SHIRT JUST FOR THIS TRIP.
    • Be sure to send a bagged lunch LABELED with your child’s name on it.
    • Have your child wear shoes for adventure. There may be some climbing and running.
    • Remind your student to be respectful, follow the rules of the museum and directions of their chaperone.
  • Layers: Now that the mornings are cooler and the afternoons warm up, it may be helpful to dress your child in layers.  The big heavy jackets are great in the morning, but by the time we go to recess, they can be a bit too much.  Please consider keeping a light jacket in your student’s backpack for when we need just a little something to keep us warm.
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Look Who Came to Read!

Mr. Eggleston was our first Mystery Reader!

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Another Great Week!

We had another great week! We did a great job during our first ever fire drill. We continued to conduct ourselves with manners and self control in the cafeteria. We sang Happy Birthday to Sameeksha! We also reviewed a lot of rules and routines that will help us learn through out the year.
Here are a couple of notes about this week.

Monday – Wear red and/or orange (We’re making up for missing Friday.)

Tuesday – Wear pink. Return all library books so we can get new ones today.

Wednesday – Wear purple. HALF DAY FOR STUDENTS – DISMISSAL IS AT 11:15. We will have lunch at school.

Thursday – Wear black and white.
Back to School Night is an event for parents only. Please arrive in the gym at 6:15. Mr. Eggleston and the PTA have a few things to share with you. Then you will come to my classroom (104) for a presentation that will inform you about our year in kindergarten. This is not the time for a conference with me about your child. Please be respectful of my time and that of the other parents. If I have any concerns about your child, I will contact you before Thursday.

Friday – Wear rainbow colors and shoes appropriate for physical education class.

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Week One – Wonderful!

What a great week we had! It was great getting to know all of our new friends. We learned what it takes to keep us safe and ready to learn. We visited the library, went to music class and physical education class. Coach Le Clair said we did an amazing job in P.E. We felt proud. The first three days of school, I stayed in the cafeteria at lunch time to help students learn what is expected. On Friday, they were on their own. I was so pleased when I came to pick them up and learned that they had two blue cups! This means that they were fabulous for the cafeteria monitors. 🙂 It was a great way to end a great week!

Please send in your child’s BLUE communication folder every day. All notes and lunch money should be in this folder. All money must be put in an envelope or zip lock bag labeled with child’s name, teacher’s name and the purpose of the money.

Please be sure your student eats a good breakfast before arriving at school. We’re still getting used to a class schedule and some students are telling me they are hungry well before snack time.
Thank you for helping your child know what is for snack and what is for lunch. The labels have been great. Snacks should be something that does not require a spoon and doesn’t contain liquid. We will eat snack while we are working. We do not want our snack to spill on our work, clothes, or table. I will not be providing students with spoons or forks.

Water bottles are permitted in the classroom. Please make sure the lids are on securely so they do not leak in your child’s backpack.

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Good Choices

In kindergarten we will be learning how to behave in a learning environment. Students will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will result in all classmates having the opportunity to learn in a safe and friendly place. Each day, I will put a mark on the student’s calendar. The color marked will let you know how the day went. It is expected that students end the day on the color green. Please sign the calendar each Friday afternoon.

Purple: Great Job!

I made amazing choices today and was a great role model for my classmates! I did not need reminders about how to behave. I tried my best in all that I was asked to do. I was kind to friends and adults.

Green: Ready to Learn!

I stayed focused and was eager to learn!

Yellow: Think About It

I made a few poor choices today and/or needed reminders about how to perform at my best.

Orange: Teacher’s Choice

Even after reminders, I continued to make poor choices. My teacher had me do an activity to help me think about how to make better choices. (Sit and reflect, draw/write about the problem, conference with the teacher…)

Red: Parent Contact

Parent will be contacted via phone or email to discuss behavior.

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Welcome to the 2018 – 2019 School Year!

I can’t wait to meet all of my new friends! It is going to be a fun year in kindergarten at Colonial Trail.
I’ll be updating this blog with some important “Back to School” information soon. Until then, click on some tabs at the top and links to the right.


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