Middle School Information

This information if from the 2017-2018 school year.

Here is the letter from Mrs. Rice sent home with students about Middle School Recommendations: Middle School Scheduling… Yes in Elementary School!

All the information you need to help your child register for their 2019-2020 courses is located here. Ward feeds into four different middle schools: Elko, John Rolfe, Fairfield and Wilder. Each school does their course selection a little different so please be sure you pay attention to the school specific information.

*Please note: Students who applied for IB or GYSA will register for courses at their home school. When accepted students are notified we will do registration for IB & GYSA courses.

Middle School Visits to Ward (For students only)

  • Elko, John Rolfe and Fairfield Middle Schools will have a counselor and administrator visit ward on January 7th to talk with the students zoned for their school. During this talk expectations for behavior, class work and course selections will be set. Students will receive information about courses offered that will come home that day.

Middle School Specific Information (This information is for the 2019-2020 school year)

Parent Portal

Parent portal is available to parents from January 30th – February 2nd. During this time please login to parent portal and select the recommended courses. You will also need to choose your child’s elective.

Henrico County Information

  • Henrico has guidelines for teachers on which courses students should be recommended for depending on grades and work habits. Below is a link to help you understand the requirements for advanced courses in middle school.
  • For all courses offered in the county please take a look at our 2019-2020 planning guides: HCPS Planning Guide

Information for Teachers