Virtual Career Day!

Hi Ward Family!

I am so excited to share a Virtual Career Day Experience with you! Below is a link to a power point with videos of different careers to learn about! The first part of the presentation are videos of presenters who were planning to attend our Career Day on Friday, April 3rd! They recorded videos just for us! The second part of the presentation is full of videos from different career clusters. The final part is more resources from Youtube and VA Career View to go see! I hope you all enjoy the videos and are having fun learning about careers from afar!

Ward’s Virtual Career Day PresentationA fun follow up activity could be to talk with your family about who are essential careers. Then you could research an essential career and write them a thank you note or card for the jobs they do each day. Then see if you can have a parent deliver the thank you note or card to their place of work.

Thank you for participating in our Virtual Career Day! I hope you are all staying connected and green! Have fun over spring break and i’ll be  back on April 14th!

Career Week – Part 2

Happy College Day! I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday! Remember to post your College Spirit Wear on social media! Your Ward Staff put together a fun College Lineup Video for you! You can find out what college some of your favorite staff members went to!


Stay Connected & Stay Green! Love you all!

Career Week – Part 1

Hi Ward Colts!

I am so excited to celebrate Career Week with you all! I have enjoyed seeing your spirit wear pictures posted on social media! Keep sharing them each day to show the fun outfits you are picking out! As a reminder of the days the flyer is posted below.

Now for the really fun stuff! If you’ve been at Ward with me before this year you have definitely participated in Career Development before. My goal this week is to share fun Career resources with you all which will include a virtual career day on Thursday! You don’t want to miss that!

I want to make sure you guys have fun with career development at home so here’s the best websites to visit.

  • VA Career View –
    • Great free resource for students K-5. There are activities for students that can printed or done on online. Including games and different types of career interests surveys
    • VA Career View Activity – This is an sheet to help you record the information you look at online. I use this activity typically with 4th grade but it could be used with 3-5.
  • VA Wizard –
    • Wizard is another great free resource for students grades 3-5. This requires log in information that I can send upon request. Just email me asking for your wizard login at There are games and more interest surveys. This website also saves your information and can be accessed again at another time!

I will share more fun on Thursday! Remember that will include our virtual career day! Please reach out if you have any questions. I’m here to support you doing this difficult time. Stay connected & stay green!

Career Week Spirit Days!

Controlling our Worries

Hi Colt Family!

It’s time for my Tuesday check in! First here is a video from me to stay as connected as we can during this time.

The governor’s news to close schools for the remainder of the year might cause lots of worries for you. Practice the circle of control to help you control your worry and stay green. Here’s an example of what it looks like. 

Here are the read alouds i discussed in the video:

  • Read Aloud by author – Wilma Jean the Worry Machine By Julia Cook –
  • Ruby Finds a Worry By Tom Percival – This is an excellent book about how our worries start out small and grow when we are trying to ignore them. The little girl in the book begins talking to a friend and that helps her worry get smaller. It’s a wonderful story!
  • The Don’t Worry Book – This story is great for smaller children. The author explains what worries are and some things you might worry about then talks about strategies to handle your worries!

Please reach out by email if you have any questions or concerns! I am here for you even though we are navigating this all differently. I’m happy to send resources for your student and family.

Stay Green & Connected! I love you all!

Emotional Regulation Fun!

Hi Ward Colts!

I hope this post is finding you well. This has been a very difficult transition learning how to connect to you all but I hope these activities will help you all continue your social/emotional learning. If you have any questions or would like anything specific covered in a future post please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through email ( I am checking my email daily between the hours of 7:15-2:45 and responding to all emails within 24 hours.

In my previous post on Tuesday I showed a glitter jar that we use to help us calm our bodies down. I tell students the jar is our brain and the glitter is our emotions. When we are all shaken up we cannot focus and learn new things. We have to settle our emotions in order to learn. When we take deep breaths we are setting our emotions. Students can practice their deep breathing while watching the glitter fall to the bottom of the jar. Here’s a link you can go to of someone else’s blog that shares how you can create a glitter jar at home. I hope you find this activity fun and helpful! All you really need is an empty water bottle, glitter and warm water. The glue is extra but slows down the glitter as it settles to the bottom.

Another fun thing to create together is a Reset Space or Cool Down Corner. This is a safe space for your child when they are outside of the green zone. They may be escalating and need a quiet and calming space to calm their brains. Decide with your child what types of items would make them feel calm. It could include:

  • Glitter jar
  • Stress ball (these can be made with a latex balloon and flour or rice)
  • Coloring sheets & crayons (You could print mandalas here)
  • Homemade feelings chart (This can either be 4 squares colored to match the zones of regulation: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red. Or it may look like different feeling faces drawn by your child that they can use to show you how they’re feeling).
  • Playdoh
  • Bubbles
  • Puzzle
  • Favorite book

These are just ideas. Work with your child to decide what is the best strategies for them to use and work to include those items.

Yoga is another great way to settle your emotions and get yourself to a calm state. At my house my daughter loves Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. I would definitely recommend them and may even post a video of my daughter and I doing a few moves for you to try!

Here are a couple more resources that you can print if you’re able. They are just activities you can do with you child to help focus on how their body is feeling.

Lastly, all students have been working with Ms. Vendetti on Mindfulness! Mindfulness is a fantastic way to settle your body because it is truly focused on breathing. Here is the link to her 1st video: Mindfulness with Ms. Vendetti

Remember to tug on your invisible string when you are missing any of your friends or teachers! We love you and I hope to hear from some of you soon! Stay Well & Stay Green!

Here to help if you need anything.

Hi everyone! Here is a quick video I made to make contact with all my students! I am missing seeing all of your faces and want to make sure you know i’m here to help. Check below for more information!


I will be checking my emails from 7:15-2:45 daily and responding within 24 hours. I’m happy to make phone calls or send private messages to any students or families who need help during this time. The world can seem like a scary place right now and to help with that I will be posting and sharing videos and activities that you can do with your family to help deal with some of the anxiety and stress. If you need anything specific to your child please reach out to me (

Earlier this year your student(s) learned about emotional regulation through the zones of regulation. Ask your students about the zones and what they remember about their feelings. As you move through the scale or zones your body speeds up and needs to relax in order to learn and make good choices! Right now children and adults may be in the yellow zone because they are nervous or worried about what is happening all around us. Ask your child how they are feeling and what zone they are in. 

Here are a few links to some read aloud videos with some of my favorite books on how to stay green and stay connected while we are away:

I’ll post some follow up activities Thursday to go along with these fun books! Be in touch and Stay Green!

Growth Mindset

This year we will continue to encourage our students to have a Growth Mindset! Growth Mindset is when we believe that our intelligence and skills can be developed with hard work and effort. During our September and October lessons we will be talking about the process of growing and learning rather than the final outcome. My hope is that students will develop a Growth Mindset and take on challenges throughout the year and see mistakes as an opportunity to grow and learn rather than get frustrated and give up.

Here is a flyer that explains the difference between Growth Mindset & Fixed Mindset along with ideas of things you can do to help foster a Growth Mindset at home! Growth Mindset for Parents

Here are a few links to videos to help explain the Growth Mindset:

Here are a few links to watch with your kids about Growth Mindset:

Coloring Sheets