Virginia’s Indigenous Peoples

Indian Life:
Virginia Indians
Virginia Indians 2
Indians and the Bay

Colonial Life:

Colonial Life in Jamestown

New Link to Videos

Virginia River Research

Read with Partner Overview
How are Rivers Formed? Read the passage and then find your assigned river. Create a three slide presentation about your assigned river.
American River

Virginia Natural Resources and Watersheds (SOL 4.9)

Project Wet Parts of a Watershed
How’s My Watershed (Partner Activity)


Model My Watershed
Model My Watershed 2

Watershed Exploration

Classroom Activity:
NatGeo MapMaker
Interactive River Basin Map
River Atlas
A World of Rivers
World Atlas

Five Themes Practice and Review

Jigsaw Reading
5 Themes Extra #1
5 Themes Extra #2
5 Themes Extra #3

Vocabulary Study Helpful Links

Here are some links to explore as you learn about our derivations this year:
The True Story of True
Etymology Online
Cambridge Dictionary
Macmillan Dictionary
Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Crossword Puzzle Generator

Country Research Links (in-class activity)

Use the following links with your partner to research your country:

Absolute Location
Country Reports
Fact Monster
National Geographic
Kid Info
Economy fact sheets

You can also access our library links through Clever to add more information.

Regions of Virginia

Region Overview
Region Overview 2
Weebly Regions
Resources by Region

The Fall Line

Virginia’s Natural Resources

Watershed Study Guide #1
Study Guide #2
SOLpass Study Guide
Interactive U.S. Watershed Map
Virginia Major Watersheds
Locate your Watershed
Water Data
Surf your Watershed
Virtual Watersheds
How we Protect Watersheds
Virginia’s Natural Resources
Interactive Explorations
Renewable or Nonrenewable
Natural VS. Manmade
Common Virginia Rocks

Virginia Geography

Essential Question:
How does the natural topography of Virginia’s land, its natural borders, and its rivers/waterways contribute to the development of place, region, etc.?
Review the following websites and come to class prepared to discuss how our natural landscape and environment influences other themes of geography.
Virginia Geography
Virginia Geography: Critical Thinking
Virginia as a State
Border States Sort