Civil War (VS.7)

Civil War

Abolitionists Exploration:

Station 1: Review this site with famous abolitionists. Pick one and write a brief (2-3 sentence) response about their contributions to share back to the class.

Station 2: Read about the Underground Railroad. Summarize what you learned in 2-3 sentences. Review the myth vs. truth page and choose one myth that you found interesting to share back in our discussion (write it on your page).
The Underground Railroad Reading
Myth Vs. Truth

Station 3: Read and explore the information on Harriet Tubman. Write down three things you learned along with one myth that surprised you.
Harriet Tubman Web Hunt
Harriet Tubman: Myth vs. Truth

Station 4: Travel on the virtual underground railroad by exploring these sites. When you have finished exploring, write a short response (2-3 sentences) about what you experienced on the journey.
Interactive Map of the Underground Railroad
Follow in the Footsteps
Travel on the Underground Railroad


North vs. South:
Northern Factory Workers

Factory Vs. Plantation

Industry and Economy During the War

Prezi: Factory vs. Slaves

General Differences Pre-War

North Vs. South

Social Systems Pre-War

The Plantation Myth

Economic Systems

Political System Link 1
Political System Link 2

Maps, etc.:

Civil War Animated

Maps of the Civil War

The North and South before the War

Civil War 150 (History Channel)

Civil War Interactive Poster

Causes of the Civil War

Life as a Soldier (Homework)

Civil War in Virginia:

Civil War Traveler

Virginia at War (updated)


Slavery and the Making of America

A Year in the Life

Escape from Slavery

Africans in America


Women and the Civil War


Women Spies


Life on the Homefront:

The Southern Homefront

The Northern Homefront

Education During the 1800s

Civil War Slang 1

Civil War Slang 2

Life as a Soldier:

Civil War Soldier Names

The Civil War Soldier

Hardtack Recipe

Battle Maps:

Mr. Nussbaum

Civil War Trust

Civil War Maps

Monitor and the Merrimack Research Links:

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