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American Revolution VS.5

Battles 2
Battles 3
a href=””>Virtual Exhibit
Dress the Paper Doll
Colonial Jobs Overview
Colonial Names

Classroom Declaration Activity:

Creating the Declaration
Digital Declaration
Join the Signers

Revolution Simulation Links

These links are for the colonial simulation and are due Thursday.

Colonial Names
Colonial Jobs
Colonial Dress

Astronomy (4.7-4.8)

Early Astronomers Exploration:
Astronomical Theories Over Time
Power of Ten Eames movie from the 1970s (remember this is a bit out of date!)
The Scale of the Universe

The Solar System:
The Sun:
The Sun (use for in class exploration)
The Sun Brainpop
Interactive Sun Layers
Light Years Video
The Sun is Older than You Think
The Planets:
Interactive Solar System
Dwarf Planets
Solar System in Order with Detail
Interactive Solar System
Nine Planets Tour
Solar System Links
NASA Solar System
PBS Interactive
Research the Planets
Astronomy for Kids
Our Solar System Size Comparisons

Revolution and Rotation:
Seasons Interactive
Interactive Moon Revolution
Revolution and Rotation Practice
Earth Rotation (YouTube so ask for permission)

Moon Phases:
Lunar Cycle Challenge
Today’s Moon Phase
NASA Missions

Colonial Life VS. 4: Daily Life in the Colonies

Daily Life Reading
Printable Reading
Daily Life #2