Hello everyone!


Here are some upcoming dates to remember:

Monday 5/27 Memorial Day Holiday

Wednesday 5/29 Reading HATS test day 1

Thursday 5/30 Reading HATS day 2

Friday 5/31 Field Day

Monday 6/3 Math HATS day 1

Tuesday 6/4 Math HATS day 2

Tuesday 6/11 Student holiday

Friday 6/14 Last day of school, student half day


Review material for reading and math HATS will be covered at school in the upcoming weeks.  Some material will come home on paper, and some will be completed on the computer at school.  Topics covered will include any content taught in reading or math throughout the school year.


As we wind down the year, we are working hard to stay on track and do our best work!  I enjoy spending this time with your kids and thinking about how much they’ve grown throughout the year.  Thanks for all your support in the home stretch!

Katie Marsden

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