Hello everyone!


You will notice on today’s agenda page that students have written down their topic for Multicultural Night and are instructed to bring a picture of their topic by Friday.  A small 4×6 picture will be large enough.

A field trip form for our Richmond Symphony trip also went home today, as well as 2nd quarter report cards.


Content this week:

Math-finishing up probability.  The quiz I had planned on giving today was very difficult, so we went over it as a class and will do another quiz tomorrow.  After that and some Valentine’s Day math, we will start our time unit.

Science-finishing up matter with a test tomorrow.

Social studies-past and present (differences between transportation, communication, occupations long ago and today), and a few more famous Americans-Benjamin Franklin and Helen Keller.

Reading/Language arts- pronouns, contractions, summarizing story events.


Thanks for all you do and have a great week!

Katie Marsden

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