Week of September 24-28 & Reminders!

Hello Parents! Below is a snapshot of what we are learning this week in second grade- there is LOTS to learn!

What are we learning about this week?

Science – investigate and understand basic types, changes, and patterns of weather.

Math – Count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 120, count backward by 10’s from 120, even and odd numbers, identify patterns found in objects, pictures, and numbers.

Language Arts – read and demonstrate comprehension of fiction and nonfiction texts, use context clues and sentence structure to help with meaning and reading of unknown words.

Important dates!

Sept. 24 – Room Parent Meeting @ 6:30 in library

Sept. 25 – New family coffee in the cafeteria @ 8:30 in cafeteria

Sept. 28 – Scholastic Book Orders due/Room Parent Meeting @ 8:30 in library

Oct. 9 – Spirit Night at Chipotle 5-9


I have attached the BTSN PowerPoint to this blog post. Thank for coming last Thursday! It was a pleasure to you all again! Please feel free to email me, if you have any additional questions.


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