Monthly Archives: April 2018


Good morning everyone!


Here are the updates for the week:

Language arts: character traits,

Math: counting coins,

Social studies: ancient Egypt.  A Quiz will be on Friday and our China & Egypt test will be on 4/27.


I gave the students an unexpected grade this morning.  We do the same morning work routine every day and check the work together to aid in their understanding.  The expectation that I reiterate daily is that they give their best effort and finish in a reasonable timeframe.  I also had some writing questions about Egypt that we started yesterday posted on the board.  Students had ample time and reminders this morning to finish morning work and the writing questions before getting a computer for some choice time.  A good number of students rushed through or didn’t read the posted directions before getting a computer, and their grades reflect that choice.  It is divided into a math morning work, language arts morning work, and Egypt writing questions grade in PowerSchool.  All papers should be coming home this afternoon for you to look at.

Thanks for all you do and have a great week!

Katie Marsden