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Hello everyone!


Here are the updates for the week:

First of all, you will notice that no homework choice boards are attached.  We’re done with those for the year!

Homework options:

-RAZ kids



-practice addition and subtraction facts


Language arts: we’re doing a novel study with some reading comprehension practice

Social studies: continuing economics, there will be a unit test on Tuesday the 6th

Math: introducing multiplication in preparation for third grade


Friday is Field Day!  Please wear PE clothes and our class tshirt (or a blue shirt) and bring a lunch if you didn’t sign up to buy one.  You’re welcome to meet us for a picnic lunch on the bus loop at around 11!


Have a great week : )
Katie Marsden


Hello everyone!

Here are the updates for the week:

Language arts: HATS review-including vowel sounds, parts of speech,

Math: finishing up measurement with a unit test on Wednesday, HATS review,

Social studies: starting an economics unit.

HATS schedule:

Reading I: Thursday 5/18

Reading II: Friday 5/19

Math I: Monday 5/22

Math II: Tuesday 5/23

Thanks and have a great week!

Katie Marsden


Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you so much for everything you did during Teacher Appreciation Week!  I loved it all and the kids made me feel very special!

Here are the updates for the week:

Language Arts: multiple meaning words and HATS review.  We’re working on a packet of skills together and it will come home toward the end of the week.

Science/social studies: we are ahead of our pacing so we are using some of the science/social studies block to review for the HATS testing.

Math: liquid capacity.  This is really tricky for them as far as deciphering what units to use.  Gallons and cups are fairly easy to figure out, but choosing between -pints and quarts is difficult.  Practice at home as much as possible with real life objects-they started a list today in their math notebooks that they are welcome to add to as they find new objects.  Our unit test will be on Wednesday the 17th.

HATS schedule:

Thursday 5/18 Reading I

Friday 5/19 Reading II

Monday 5/22 Math I

Tuesday 5/23 Math II

Our school picture to celebrate our 10th birthday was rescheduled due to weather and will now be on Friday the 26th.  Please have your student wear green and blue that day!

Thanks for everything you do and have a great week!

Katie Marsden


Hello everyone!

Here are the updates for the week:

Language arts: we’re working on summarizing stories,
Math: measurement-centimeters and capacity (gallons, etc)
Science: continuing with plants for life cycles.  Our unit test will be on Thursday.

On Wednesday, we will be visiting fifth graders in a wax museum performance.  They will be collecting change for a charity and giving us important information about the famous Americans they have been studying.  Feel free to send in coins with the kids to donate on Wednesday morning.

On Friday, we are taking a school-wide picture for the CTES 10th birthday celebration.  If possible, we would like the kids to wear blue and green!

Here are the HATS testing dates-these may be different from the earlier information that was sent out:

Reading part 1: May 18th
Reading part 2: May 19th
Math part 1: May 22nd
Math part 2: May 23rd.

Thanks for all you do and have a great week!

Katie Marsden