Monthly Archives: December 2016


Hello everyone!


Here are the updates for the week.
Language Arts-our skill this week is synonyms (words that have the same meaning).

Math-continuing our unit on place value and testing on Thursday the 8th.  The test will cover place value, ones/tens/hundreds, comparing numbers, and rounding.

Science-continuing our habitats unit and doing a unit test tomorrow the 6th.  The test will cover habitat facts, animal adaptations, human and natural influences on habitats, and fossils (how scientists can learn about habitats from long ago).  Please continue to send in recycled materials for the kids to do their habitat projects with.  Again, they’ll need a shoebox (or similar sized box), toilet paper or paper towel rolls, and any paper or cardboard they could color.  No need to go out and buy anything or create anything at home!  Please send in materials by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.


With both of the tests this week, students will read them independently since we are out of the first nine weeks.

Have a great week and thanks for all you do at home!

Katie Marsden