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Hello everyone!

I hope you and your families had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  Here are the updates for the week:

Language arts-we’ll be talking about problem and solution in fiction stories, and our grammar skill is common and proper nouns.

Math-continuing our place value unit with comparing and rounding numbers

Science-continuing our unit on habitats with animal adaptations, influences on habitats, and fossils.  We’ll have a unit test on Tuesday the 6th that will cover the habitats we’ve studied, as well as the topics we’re covering this week.

Thanks for all you do and have a great week!
Katie Marsden


CTES Dad’s Night

CTES PTA Dad’s Night Bowling Nov 2016

11.14-11.18 Homework



Hello everyone!


This week’s homework is attached.


This Thursday is our first field trip!  Please plan to have your students here by 7:15 so we have time to take attendance and get organized before we leave at 7:30.  THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RIDE THEIR NORMAL SCHOOL  BUS TO GET TO OR DEPART FROM SCHOOL.  We will return around 3pm and will meet parents in the front of the school for pickup.  Please help your students pack a disposable lunch and disposable water bottle.  They are welcome to bring books for the bus ride, but we ask that they not bring electronics.  Please have them wear their class tshirt (or a blue tshirt) and comfortable walking shoes.  We will be outside for part of the trip, so they are welcome to bring a jacket.


The first day of CoGat testing went great!  We will continue into tomorrow and Wednesday morning.  Again, students can not study for these tests-they just need to be sure to eat a good breakfast and come ready to listen!


For language arts this week, we’re working on reading nonfiction texts that focus on procedures (recipes).


In science, we’re continuing our unit on animal and plant habitats.


In math, we’re fitting in as much place value (identifying values of ones, tens, hundreds place) as we can around CoGat testing and our field trip.


Thanks for all your support at home and have a great week!

Katie Marsden


Hello everyone!


Here are the updates for the week and homework.  I apologize for it being late!


Math-starting place value with recognizing ones, tens, hundreds


Science-starting habitats


Language arts-irregular plural nouns and main idea and details


Please keep in mind that our first field trip is Thursday the 17th.  The kids will need to be at school early so we can leave promptly at 7:30.  We will also return that afternoon after the busses leave at around 3 so they will need transportation from school as well.


Thanks for all your support at home and I hope the kids have a great day off from school!


Katie Marsden