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Hello everyone!

The kids had a great time with our fall fun rotations Friday morning.  Thank you for all your help with organizing supplies, and a big thank you to all who were able to come in and volunteer!

Here are the updates for the week.

Language arts: continuing finding the main idea and details in stories, starting abbreviations

Math: continuing our unit on graphing and calendar skills, unit test on Thursday.

Science: continuing our weather unit with weathering and erosion, unit test on Monday the 7th (this will also be the last assessment that is read out loud to them as it’s the end of the first nine weeks).

Please remember that November the 8th is a student holiday.

Thanks for all you do and have a great week!  Happy Halloween!

Katie Marsden

October 31 Homework



Hello everyone!

Here are the updates for the week-

Language arts: we’re working on identifying the main idea and details in stories.

Science:  the water cycle as part of our weather unit

Math: graphing skills

We’re doing a fall fun day on Friday, please check out the sign up link
The kids will be so excited to participate!

I’ve attached this week’s homework and am also including a link for fall conferences-

Thanks and have a great week!

Katie Marsden


Hello everyone!  I hope the kids had a good 3 day weekend.  Here are the updates for the week, and the homework is attached in my weekly email.  I’ve also started posting the homework PDF to my blog page so you can access it there if need be.

Language arts: working on predicting outcomes in fiction and nonfiction text.

Math: shape and number patterns/skip counting.  There will be a unit test on even and odd numbers, ordinal numbers, and patterns on Tuesday the 18th.

Science: beginning a unit on weather with a focus on seasons and storms this week.

Thanks for all you do and have a great shortened week!

Katie Marsden

Homework 10/11



Hello everyone!


Here are the updates for the week:

Math-we’re starting to work with ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and even and odd numbers this week.

Social studies-continuing our unit on map skills and geography by covering the 7 continents and 5 oceans.  We’ll have a unit test on Friday.

Language arts-finishing up reading level assessments and focusing on types of sentences (commands, exclamations, questions, statements)

You saw that picture day forms went home today.  If you would like to purchase pictures please send in money with the form tomorrow or Wednesday.  Picture day is Wednesday the 5th.

Next Monday is a student holiday!

Have a great week and thanks for all you do : )