Monthly Archives: March 2016


Hello everyone!  I wanted to give you some updates about the upcoming weeks.  We have a few things on our calendar as well as some new curriculum updates.


Math: We’re continuing our unit on time to the nearest 5 minutes.  Our unit test on time and money will be Wednesday March 23rd.


Language Arts:  we’re working on sequencing story events this week, and contractions next week (will not=won’t, etc).  This week, we’ve been using a textbook story to help us with the reading skill.  We’re going to start doing a test on each story we work with, and we’ll have our first one on Friday of this week.  In order to get used to the format, I will not count this one as a test grade, but will instead check it and send it home without a grade.  Textbooks will not be coming home with the students to study with, and the tests will be open book so they can practice researching skills.


Science-we’re finishing up our matter unit with a test tomorrow, and will start a unit on magnets on Friday and into next week.


Calendar updates:  Please remember that tomorrow is our music performance.  We will do a school performance during the day, so students will need to wear the correct clothes to school tomorrow as well as that night- class t-shirts (or a black shirt), jeans, and tennis shoes.  Please drop off students by 6:30 tomorrow evening.  They’ll come up to the classroom and we’ll head down to the performance at 7:00.  After the performance is over, you will be able to pick them up from me at a designated location downstairs, which I will email you about later or will be announced at the performance.


Friday March 18th is our Richmond Symphony field trip.  Students will arrive and depart from school in their regular ways.  We leave around 10:45 and return at about 12:45.  Students will need to bring a lunch from home for them to eat in the classroom when we return, as cafeteria service will be over by then.


Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you at the performance tomorrow night!

Katie Marsden