Monthly Archives: February 2016


Hello everyone!


I wanted to give you some updates about the next 2 weeks.


We’re doing CoGat testing this week, which the students don’t have to do any preparation or studying for.


Language arts-we’ll skip word study this week, and get back into it next week.  We’ll spend 2 weeks on inferencing skills and prefixes/suffixes.


Math-continuing our unit on fractions this week and starting to compare fractions with a picture model.  We won’t have a unit test on fractions, it will be combined with one or two more units.  We’ll start money up to 2.00$ next week.


Social studies-we’re continuing our unit on Famous Americans this week, with a test on Tuesday.  Next week we’ll start a science unit on states of matter.


Report cards will be coming home on Monday the 22nd.  Picture day is on Thursday the 25th.


Thanks for all your support and have a great week!

Katie Marsden