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Hello everyone!  I wanted to give you some updates, especially since things might get a little mixed up toward the end of the week!


In language arts, we’re focusing on verbs.  We won’t be doing word study right now because we’re reassessing and possibly switching around groups.  Next week we’ll review for benchmark testing which will take place during the first week of February.  Benchmark testing will be for math and reading, and anything we’ve learned thus far in the year might show up on the test.  They’re just a mid-year checkpoint, and don’t have a bearing on final grades or promotion to third grade.


For math, we’re working on estimating sums and differences this week.  The test on estimating and double digit addition and subtraction is scheduled for Friday, but we’ll take it on whatever day we get back if the strong forecast holds up.  Next week we’ll get into benchmark test review for math as well.


I’ve encouraged the kids to take their math and social studies notebooks home whenever they feel like they need it, and I’ll continue to do so this week in case we do end up with a few days off.  The Native Americans project will still be due on Friday the 29th.  We’re looking at a test date for that unit sometime in the first week of February.


Please continue to let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and stay warm this weekend!

Katie Marsden


Hello everyone!


I hope you had a great winter break!


Here are the updates for the week:


Language arts: identifying r-controlled vowels in reading, ABC order to the second and third letter.


Math: double digit subtraction with and without regrouping.  Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts regularly!


Social studies: starting our unit on Native Americans.  This week we’ll be focusing on the Powhatan/Eastern Woodlands region.  Students came home with a project explanation today, please read over it together and let me know if you have any questions.


The kids did a great job getting back into the school routine today!

Thanks and have a great week,

Katie Marsden