Monthly Archives: November 2015


Hello everyone!


Thanks for the great week last week with all the changes-we got through a half day and a field trip with no snafus!


Here are the updates for this week:


Math: we’ll be continuing our unit on place value (hundreds, tens, ones, comparing numbers, etc)


Language arts: continuing to work with common and proper nouns, introducing antonyms and synonyms as our grammar skill.  In reading we’ll work with nonfiction print like recipes and flyers.


Science: our field trip was a great introduction to our next unit on animal habitats.


There are a few things to keep in mind for next week.  We will still be collecting canned goods up to Monday the 23rd to donate to the Henrico Christmas Mother.  On Tuesday, the Hertiage Night flyer is due for anyone who is interested in participating.


Thanks for all your time and hard work, have a great week!

Katie Marsden