Field Trip

Hi All!

A couple of things –

Field trip permission slips came home today. Chaperones are first come first serve so make sure you send it back tomorrow if you would like to chaperone. I am only allowed to bring two chaperones when I have a student teacher. Please read all the information carefully and fill in all of the blanks on the permission slip.

Homework is not due until Friday, but the kids can bring it in early. Make sure they review the words throughout this week to prepare for Friday’s word study test.

Have a great evening! 🙂

October 19 update

We are really enjoying our student teacher, Kelly Galloway! She is a natural and is already a wonderful addition to our class. Ms. Galloway is coming to us from VCU and will be here for the next 8 weeks.

The kids did an amazing job creating and presenting their animal dioramas! They are currently on display in the library for all the school to enjoy.

This week the kids were “hired” by the Metro Richmond Zoo to create a new animal exhibit. They worked in groups to research the animal they selected, they created a new exhibit as a group, and are sharing the exhibit in class today. I have taken lots of pictures so look for a blog update with a link to the pictures soon!

Here is what we are studying now and next-

LA – We will finish our short vowel unit this week. Next week we will focus on digraphs (sh, ch, th, wh).

The kids did a nice job with word study this week. A few things to remember

  1. They will use the same words for 2 weeks so please don’t throw the words away. The second week they will glue the words onto the homework sheet.
  2. Please have your child use pencil to complete the homework.
  3. When the kids are doing sentences inventive spelling is encouraged. I do want them to spell the word study words correctly, but when they are working on the rest of the sentence I want them to try stretching out the words as they write it. This helps us see where they are in their spelling progress.
  4. Feel free to let me know if you lose your homework packet or threw away your words this week and I will get you more.

Math – We will finish up graphing and move on the number recognition to 110. We will also work on writing our numbers to 30.

Science – We will finish up our animal unit.

Next week we have a spirit week. Here are the themes for each day of the week.

Monday – Wear red to show that at Echo Lake, we respect ourselves and others.

Tuesday – Wear sweats or workout clothes to show that we make healthy choices about our bodies.

Wednesday – Wear “mix-matched” socks for Mix-It-Up Day where we mix it up at lunch and recess to make new friend.

Thursday – Wear your favorite college gear or dress to represent your future career to show you are thinking about a bright future ahead.

Friday – Wear orange to show that you stand up against bullying.

Next Friday is Pumpkin Palooza! This is a fun, free family event Friday evening. Come join us for the fun! 🙂


Hi all!

We had a great time making apple pizzas last week! I am very excited to announce our student teacher, Kelly Galloway, will begin her 8 weeks with us on Monday. It is always great to have a student teacher!

Her is what we are up to in room 9 –

LA – We will finish up with the short u sound this week. Next week we will review all short vowel sounds. We are working on writing complete sentences with a naming part (who) and a telling part (what).

Math – We are focusing on sorting this week which will lead into graphing. The kids had a great time finding different ways to sort pictures with their partners.

Science – We love animals! There is so much to learn and every year I learn many interesting fact about animals. Animal Dioramas are dues next Thursday, October 18th. Information about this went home on Monday.

Picture Day is next Thursday, October 18th. There is a lot to remember for that day! 🙂

Thank you so much, Mrs. Dowdy! She is working on a Signup Genius for Mystery Readers. I will add the link to the blog. The Signup Genius for conferences will go out on October 22.

Have a great evening and stay dry! 🙂


Great start to October

Hi there,

The kids have had a great time learning about fall! We are celebrating the season by making apple pizzas tomorrow. They are delicious! Here is a list of the ingredients (biscuits, butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, and apples) .

Here are the topics we are studying this week and next.

LA –  We will finish short o and next week we will focus on short u. We are still working on using capital letters correctly. Next week we will compare complete and incomplete sentences.

Math – We will finish our unit on ordinal numbers. Next week we will focus on different ways to sort objects.

Science – As we finish up fall we will begin our two week focus on animals. We will learn about habitats, body coverings, tame vs. wild, the ways animals move, appendages, and what different animals do in the winter. Information will come home later about a diorama project the kids will complete at home and bring in to share with the class.

Here are some important dates to remember:

October 8 – Columbus Day – Student Holiday

October 12 – Reflections Day

October 18 – Picture Day

October 26 – Pumpkinpalooza

November 5 – Conference Night (more info to come soon)

November 6 – Election Day – Student Holiday

Weekly Update – Last week of September

Hi All!

We are almost done with individualized testing. Yay! Soon we will start reading and word study groups.

Unfortunately I will be home with Thomas tomorrow, Thursday the 27th. He has a fever. There are many bugs going around right now. I am really trying to work with the kids on covering their sneezes, washing hands, and keeping their fingers out of their noses and mouths. 🙂

Here is what we will be studying in the next week and a half.

L.A. – We will finish our study of the short i sound and next week we will focus on short o. We are working on writing sentences with uppercase letters and ending marks. We will begin talking about proper nouns that need an uppercase letter (days, months, holidays, people’s names, stores, etc.)

Math – This week we will finish our unit on patterns. Next week we will focus on ordinal numbers to 10.

Social Studies/Science – The kids have enjoyed learning about our Virginia symbols. It is the first time we have covered this topic in first grade. I have found they are confusing the VA flag and the US flag. This does not surprise me because the difference between our state and our country is abstract for kids this age. We will keep working on that. Next week will will discuss the signs of fall. What weather changes we will see, what changes we will see in nature, and also the different types of clothing we wear as it gets cooler.

There are a few items that would help us in our classroom.

If anyone has a child who is still eating baby food, I am collecting those plastic baby food containers with the lids. I know Gerber makes some but I bet other companies do was well. I use those as little containers for the letters they keep in their desks.

We can also always use gently used books for our reading center. If you have any books your kids are no longer using at home I’d love to have them for our classroom library.

Please visit the Book Fair here at The Lake next Monday through Wednesday after school. More information will come home about this tomorrow. Have a great weekend and don’t hesitate to email or call me with any questions! 🙂

Hi All!

What a crazy start to our year! Here is what we are studying this week and into next.

Language Arts – Short e sound and writing complete sentences

Math – Patterns

Social Studies – The American flag and Pledge of Allegiance. New this year we will focus on Virginia symbols (dogwood flower, cardinal, the state flag, and the capitol building)

Soon we will begin Razkids and Reflex Math. We are currently working on individualized reading and math screenings. These assessments help me to know better how to meet each child’s need.

I am very excited to see all of you at Back to School Night this Thursday evening.

Welcome to 2018 – 2019

Hi All! We are off to an awesome start! I am going to use my blog instead of a newsletter this year. Please go ahead and SUBSCRIBE on the right hand side to get an email when I post. That will help you remember to check the blog weekly for important information about what we are learning, class projects, homework assignments, etc. I will also add pictures to our blog periodically.

We have had an excellent start to the year. The kids are doing a great job adjusting to routines and procedures. We are learning about the short a vowel sound, shapes, and citizenship this week. I am also working hard on handwriting. Here are a few common mistakes –

  • resting letters with tails (g, y, q, p) on the line, instead of going below the bottom line
  • not taking tall letters (t, d, h, k, l, b) all the way up to the top line
  • floating letters about the bottom line
  • making letters that should only go to the middle line (e,s,c, etc.) go all the way up
  • reversing letters such as b and d

We will continue to practice these handwriting skills daily.

Please note that there will be NO SCHOOL on Friday, September, 14 due to Hurricane Florence.

Next Wednesday, September 19th is a student half-day.

Have a great day!