Welcome back!

Hi All!

I think we are starting to get back in the swing of things (before the next snow hits!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful break. We are done playing catch up from the snow before break and I worry we are going to get behind yet again with the impending forecast.

I have started our mid-year F&P testing. This is the individual reading assessment we give the students 3 times a year to help us better meet the needs of each student. Since it is an individual assessment it does take a long time to test the entire class. This is nothing to study for and it is only one tool used to help with reading instruction.

LA – We are focusing on compound words.

WS – On our next word study test there will be a few changes. I will now be taking off 2 points for every unnecessary uppercase letter. We have been working hard on differentiating between upper and lowercase letters. Each assessment the children will be writing a dictation sentence based on the sort they have. The sentence will have common sight words, words from the sort, and words that fit the pattern but may not be in their sorts. I will be grading these based on spelling and sentence mechanics.

MATH – We are switching from addition to subtraction. We will practice using different tools and strategies to help us.

SCIENCE – We began our unit on winter today. We will focus on changes in temperature, clothing, length of the day, and how animals adapt to the colder temperatures.

Here are a few reminders –

Please make sure your child has a snack everyday. They get very hungry by the time lunch rolls around.

Please make sure your child is prepared for the weather at recess each day. If it is above freezing we love to get our wiggles out!

Every Wednesday is now a “Workout Wednesday” We will do exercises each Wednesday morning (led by teachers 🙂 ) on the morning announcements and the kids are free to wear workout clothes.

There will be no school on January 21st in honor of MLK, Jr. Day

January 28th is a student holiday. This is a clerical day for teachers. If we do miss school for snow next week, this could change.

Conferences are planned for Thursday, February 7.

Stay warm and let me know if you need anything!

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