November 15

Hi there!

The kids are enjoying Ms. Galloway leading the class! It is so nice to have two adults here to help work with the kids. Just a reminder that there are two Signup Geniuses to check out.

Thanksgiving Feast – We are looking forward to the annual First Grade Feast next Tuesday, November 20 at 1:45. The kids will get to sit with friends from other first grade classes and enjoy some traditional Thanksgiving food. There are still a few more slots to fill if you are interested.

There are many more opportunities to be a Mystery Reader! Click the link below to sign up.

Here is what we are up to over the next couple of weeks.

LA – We are focusing on Magic e. Adding e to the end of cvc words makes the vowel say its name. We are also focusing on the importance of word order in sentences. We have many fun games and activities to help the children practice this skill.

WS – The kids will not have word study next week. The words from this week will be used for homework during the week of November 26 – 30. The test will be Friday, November 30.

MATH – We will continue to work on addition and different strategies to help us, such as number lines, counters, hundreds charts, and many more.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are learning about Pocahontas, Thanksgiving, and the Powhatan tribe. We will lead into our study of Christopher Newport next.

As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches, I wanted to say how thankful I am for you all and your WONDERFUL children. I love this class and I feel so grateful to get to teach here at The Lake!

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