Last Update!

Hi All!

I just want to start by saying what a wonderful year this has been! This class is so sweet, thoughtful, and FUN!

We are finishing up on our last items on the first grade curriculum. We will finish economics and measurement next week.

We have a very busy two weeks left so I want to make sure to let you know all of the exciting activities we have planned.

We are in need of toilet paper rolls and empty plastic water/soda bottles for an upcoming project. You can begin sending them in tomorrow.

We are practicing for the Moving Up Ceremony that will be on the last day of school. On the last day of school the kids need to wear KHAKI AND/OR WHITE. We want to look like we are going on a jungle adventure. I can’t tell you more or Ms. Aveson will kill me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday, May 31 – Drive- In Movie. You can still signup to come or if you want to come last minute, you can pay when you get there. The Rilees are looking forward to putting out our picnic blanket and watching the show! This is sure to be a fun event!!

Monday, June 3 – Crazy Hair Day

Wednesday, June 5 – Apricot the clown will be coming to do a cool magic show. She will NOT be dressed in her full clown gear.

Thursday, June 6 – Mrs. Manning will be my substitute that day. Mr.Stone, a grandparent of former students, will bring his Ford Model A to teach children about cars from long ago.

Friday, June 7 – We will have our Dolphin Store. This is the culminating event for our economics unit. The kids will be producers and make items to sell at the Dolphin Store. We will produce and price these items. Then they will be consumers and shop at the Dolphin Store with the Dolphin Dollars they earned when they working in the Dolphin Factory.

Monday, June 10 – Career Day- This a super fun day planned with lots of cool information about cool jobs. The kids will also get a chance to “Touch a Truck” and the Glen Allen Seniors will do a walk through the school in their graduation gear. The kids are free to dress up as they would in their future careers. NO props please.

Tuesday, June 11 – STUDENT HOLIDAY

Wednesday, June 12 – End of the Year Party – This will be at 1:45. Look for more information to come to you soon! We will also have our first grade yearbook signing that morning. If your child ordered a yearbook, make sure she/he has it on this day and a pen to sign books with. If they do not have one, that is no problem. We will have memory books they can use.

June 13 – The kids will eat in the classroom or outside this day. Please try to refrain from sending in peanut butter with lunch that day. The cafe will still be open to purchase lunch.

June 14 – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! This is a half-day. We are looking forward to the Moving Up Ceremony in the morning. This is a fun event for the whole family! It begins at 9:00, but you will want to get here a little earlier to sign in and setup your lawn chairs. Parents are free to take their children home after the ceremony, just be sure to sign them out.

Thanks again for all you have done to make this a GREAT year!!


Kristina Rilee

Rockin and Rollin!

Hi All!

I want to first thank you for all the love you showered me with during Teacher Appreciation Week! I have not gotten to all the thank you cards yet, but I do very truly appreciate all you did for me!

We have been working hard on our PALS testing and our F&P testing. We are now ready to move on to the math screener. The kids have been great sports about working quietly with their center groups while I work with students individually.

In the area of language arts we are finishing comprehension, although this is a continued focus throughout the year. Remember to stop and ask your child questions about the stories you are reading at bedtime. We also continue to focus on correctly reading and writing our sight words.

We began our measurement unit today with a fun project where we built a giant. Be sure to ask your child about this silly activity we did! We will focus on nonstandard units of measurement, but I will also teach them about inches and centimeters.

We have finished our unit on natural resources and are now learning about economics. We will discuss needs and wants, goods and services, and producers and consumers. The kids will produce good to sell at our dolphin store where they will become consumers and use Dolphin Dollars to buy products made by other first graders.

This Friday is Hat Day.

Next Friday is the Drive-In Movie at Independence Golf Course.

Have a great day!

A few things. . .

I forgot to mention that tomorrow is Stuffed Animal Day. The kids are free to bring in a stuffed animal, as long as it is small enough to fit in their backpacks.

The AC in the classroom is really chilly when it gets going. I mentioned to the kids it might be good to bring layers since it is hot outside and they are freezing in here. Better than hot though!

We are really excited about the Drive-in Movie. If you go to order online you just make a donation and then put your confirmation number on the bottom of the purple slip you send back in. Feel free to email me if you have any questions! ๐Ÿ™‚

Back to Reality!

Hi All!

I greatly enjoyed my getaway to Mexico, but it feels good to be home. The alarm clock this morning was a bit shocking!

We are done with word study for the year. My focus will be to push hard on spelling the common sight words we use when writing. I am also going to focus a lot on writing complete sentences with the correct mechanics and writing stories with a beginning, middle, and end.

This time of year we begin our end of the year testing. We have the PALS test, which is a reading screener. We have the F & P screener which is another reading assessment. Finally, we have the math screener. All of these assessments are individual so they do take a lot of one on one time to complete. There is no need to study for these assessment.

As we finish up our plants unit we will focus on natural resources.ย This strand focuses on student understanding of the role of resources in the natural world and how people
can utilize those resources in a sustainable way. An important idea represented in this strand is the concept of management of resource use. This begins with basic ideas of conservation and proceeds to more abstract consideration of costs and benefits. The topics developed include conservation of materials, soil and plants as resources, energy use, water, Virginiaโ€™s resources, and how public policy impacts the environment.

In the area of math we will focus on equality and magnitude.ย  The student will demonstrate an understanding of equality through the use of the equal symbol.

The student, given a familiar problem situation involving magnitude, will
a) select a reasonable order of magnitude from three given quantities: a one-digit numeral, a two-digit numeral, and a three-digit numeral (e.g., 5, 50, 500); and
b) explain the reasonableness of the choice.

We are looking forward to the Echo Lake Drive-In Movie on Friday, May 31! We will be viewing A Dog’s Way Home. Information went home last week to order your tickets.

Spring pictures came home last week as well. If you would like to order them you can do so online or send in your payment in the envelope that was provided. If you do not wish to order the pictures, please send back the pictures and I will return them for you.

Thank you for your help with the Denim Drive. We came in second place in the county and received a check for $1,000!

Have a great week!

Busy Times

Hi All!

We are getting ready for a busy few weeks so I’m going to start with important dates and reminders.

The Denim Drive started today and runs through next week. Send in any gently used denim items for donation to Good Will. If we collect the most in the county we can earn money for our school.

Wednesday, April 17 is our field trip to the Metro Richmond Zoo. This is always such a fun trip! Thank you to Mrs. Kopelove, Mrs. Jaspen, and Mr. Pritchard for chaperoning the trip. If you are planning on meeting us there you must have a volunteer form on file from this school year and inform me in advance. You are welcome to send in a couple of quarters for your child to feed the giraffes. Please pack your child a lunch with all disposable items in a disposable bag. No glass please. Also, please make sure your child is wearing sneakers because there will be a lot of walking. We will be outdoors all day so you may want to put sunscreen on your child before school that morning.

Friday, April 19th is a half day. It is also Twin Day. We are going to come up with a simple outfit as a class in case your child does not have a specific person to twin with.

Monday, April 22 is a school holiday.

April 25 is Brusters Scooper Night. Teachers will be serving ice cream up at Brusters. My goal is to be there, depending on when the signup times are. This is that busy time of year with sports, but I would love to participate in this fun event!

Friday, April 26 is Field Day! Come out and enjoy all the fun with us! Ms. Inge is looking for parent volunteers. A flyer went home to signup to help out last week.

May 31 The SCA is hosting a Drive in Movie out at Independence Golf course. This is sure to be a really fun event. More information will come home about this in the coming weeks.

Here is what we are focusing on in class –

LA – We have been focusing on cause and effect, main idea, and context clues. We will delve deeper into reading comprehension over the next few weeks as well.

Math – We started working on recognizing coins. The children will need to count groups of like coins (all pennies, all nickels, etc.) A great way to practice this is counting by 5s and 10s. They will need to count collections up to $1.

Science – Over the next couple of weeks we will focus on plants. We will talk about plant parts, plant needs, and edible verse non-edible. We will have a very fun taste testing experience. More information about this will come home soon.

Thanks for all you do!

Almost there!

Hi All!

We are so close to Spring Break! Let’s hope this spring weather continues from now on!

Here are a few reminders –

Tomorrow is Red, White, and Blue Day in honor of the second grade Famous Americans parade. I forgot to mention that last week. I did mention it to the kiddos today.

We will also take our word study tests tomorrow due to the half-day this Friday, March 27. The Richmond Ballet will come and perform on Friday morning.

In celebration of all we are learning through our force and motion unit, Friday we will have a Force and Motion Derby. Each child is allowed to bring in a toy that shows motion. We are focusing on straight, circular, back and forth (up and down), and vibration. They can bring in toys that have remotes, but please no tablets or anything of that nature. Please remind them that taking care of their derby item is their own responsibility that day so to be very careful with their items. If your child WILL NOT be here on Friday, they can bring in their item tomorrow.

If you have not signed and returned the field trip permission slip, pleases do so as soon as possible. Even if you pay online, I will still need the permission slip signed and returned.

We are finishing up with time and force and motion this week. Today we started some very fun SPRING literacy centers so be sure to ask your child about all they are doing in class.

Have a great evening! ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi All!

Thank you for your interest in chaperoning the field trip! We put the names in a cup this morning and pulled out 3 names. Mrs. Jaspen, Mrs Kopelove, and Mrs. Pritchard’s names were pulled out. I wish I could bring everyone who was interested, but I am only allowed to bring 3 chaperones!

Permission slips will be in the Friday Folders this afternoon. You can pay online or send in money with the signed permission slip.

Have a great Friday! Wish me luck with all the gum in this room today! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kristina Rilee

Important Updates

Hi All!

The kids did a great job at last night’s performance!

We have a lot going on over the next few weeks.

If you are interested in chaperoning our field trip to the Metro Richmond Zoo on April 17, please email me that you would like to chaperone. It is going to be first come, first serve based on responding by this evening.

Tomorrow is Picture Day! Even if you do not want individual pictures, please dress your child for the class picture.

Friday will be gum day! I will provide the gum. The kids voted to have gum day for receiving their 10th compliment. Way to go, class!

Please return your child’s Student Information Sheet and Square 1 Art order as soon as possible. All proceeds from the art fundraiser will go to our art program.

There will be a half-day Friday, March 29th, which is the day before spring break.

Spring Break is April 1 – 5. I hope you have a nice, relaxing break!

Here is what we are studying in room 9 –

LA – We will take our word study test next THURSDAY instead of next Friday due to the half-day. We are working on possessives and showing ownership.

MATH – We will continue to focus on time to the hour and half hour. Next we will begin our unit on money.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES – We will finish our unit on the land forms of Virginia and the recreational activities we do in each area today. Next we will focus on force and motion. We will study different types of motion (back and forth, circular, curved, and straight), vibration, and push and pull. We will learn about what a force is and the impact of friction on motion.

I think that covers it! Have a great day!

Happy Almost St. Patrick’s Day!

The kids have been busy making hats to trap any sneaky leprechauns that show up here tomorrow! Let’s hope we can trap one!

Here are some updates on what we are doing in room 9!

LA – We have begun our unit on ABC order to the first letter. The kids are doing a nice job with this. We are doing lots of fun St. Patrick’s Day writing.

Math – We are beginning our unit on time. We will compare minutes to hours, practice telling time to the hour and half half hour, and am and pm.

Social Studies – We are learning about the different land forms we have in Virginia (mountains, valleys, hills, and coastal plains). We will talk about recreational things you can do in these areas and the climate of Virginia.

Here are some important dates-

Tomorrow is rainbow/tie dye day!

Tuesday, March 19th we have our first grade performance at the PTA meeting. The kids will meet in the classroom between 6:15 and 6:20. Please do not arrive before this time. I will not be at school that day so I may not get here until then.

Have a great day! ๐Ÿ™‚

A few tidbits

Hi All,

I tried to email you to let you know that I would not be here last Friday and I discovered my group emails do not work anymore now that I have a new computer. Sorry about that! I will get that kink worked out as soon as I can. I called in the troops so my mom will be here until Thomas feels better. On a good note for our classroom health, this is the first day in weeks everyone has been here. Hopefully it will leave us alone at Echo Lake now.

I gave the word study tests this morning. I will send home words and homework packets tomorrow. I like to have a chance to go over the sorts once before I send them home.

LA – We are working on adding s and es to nouns. Today we talked about when to change the y to an i when adding es and when to just add an s. This is complicated so please practice. If the y is preceded by a vowel, you just add an s (ex. toy) if the y is preceded by a consonant you change the y to an i before adding es (ex. candies). We will focus on irregular plurals next.

Math – We are beginning our unit on fractions. We will focus mostly on 1/2 and 1/4. We will talk about fraction of a whole and fractions of a group.

Social Studies – We are studying two fascinating famous African American Virginians. First we have been learning about Maggie Walker. Next we will learn about Arthur Ashe. Look for cool things to come home about these two important Virginians!

Friday March 15th is Tie Dye/Rainbow Day!

Many of the kids are low on the basic crayon colors. If you could send in an extra box for your child that would be great!

Have a nice evening!