Weekly Update January 22nd

Good morning, Shady Grove!

Check out this week’s newsletter! Scholars are diving into Ancient Rome, measurement, and figurative language this week! We will do a variety of project based learning activities to better understand the contributions of Ancient Roman inventions and architecture. We will also begin a PIE rotation with the third grade classes for students to explore measurement through hands on learning activities on weight, temperature, length, volume, and time!

Jones Newsletter 1.22

Weekly Update

Good afternoon, Cardinal Family!

I look forward to a full week of learning this week as we wrap up our multiplication and Greece unit and dive into measurement and Ancient Rome! Our theme this week will be Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of MLK Day tomorrow, January 15th. Check out this week’s newsletter for more information and updates on curriculum and schedule! As always, reach out with any questions or concerns.

Jones Newsletter 1.15

Weekly Update December 4th-December 8th

Check out this week’s newsletter for information on our Fairytale and Folktale week! We will be exploring main idea through a variety of fiction and folktale texts! Scholars will fracture their own fairytale creations in our Readers Workshop this week.

We will have a math test on Friday, December 8th. We will have our Animal Unit test this Wednesday, December 6th.



Weekly Newsletter

Good evening,

Check out this week’s newsletter: Jones Newsletter 11.27

This week, we will be investigating animal adaptations! Students will be forced to adapt to new, webbed hands, investigate the scientific question, “how do ducks float?” and build an animal suitable for a certain habitat.

In Reading, scholars will be solving mysteries of main idea. They will act as detectives as they investigate details to draw conclusions and make inferences.

Finally, scholars will apply their computation skills in word problems as well as subtraction with regrouping!

Our theme this week is Arctic Animals!


Wow! October was a fantastic month full of fun, hands on learning opportunities!

Columbus Day

Students kicked off October by practicing reading fluency in our Reader’s Theater. A satire told from a narrator’s perspective, the Christopher Columbus Skit highlighted the accomplishments and controversy behind Columbus and his so called, discovery. Scholars used their schema from our Maps and Geography unit to track his voyage and put their create minds to work to create a skit exemplifying his journey!


Spider Week:

Spider Week overlapped beautifully with out Scientific Investigation Unit. Scholars explored a variety of questions from “How do spiders eat without mouths?” to “How do spiders not get trapped in their own webs?” Using the scientific method, students asked questions, used schema to create hypothesis, followed procedures, and observed results to draw conclusions.

Students applied the scientific method as they tested the question, “How do spiders eat without mouths?”

W e ended Spider Week with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) challenge. Students were given the task of creating a spider web that would hold unifix cube blocks given limited time and resources. They went to work planning and designing and then executing their vision using yarn, tape, and a clothes hanger!

Pumpkin Day

With the planning of our great room mom, Mrs. Holly Gorman and help of wonderful, parent volunteers, Pumpkin Day was a success! Students were able to use their measurement, place value, and estimation skills to explore pumpkins and their seeds. Students estimated and measured pumpkins’ circumferences, weight, and number of seeds. They applied their knowledge of growing and repeating patterns by creating pumpkin patterns. During Language Arts, scholars built cube pumpkins after reading the story of “Spookley the Square Pumpkin.” Finally we ended with a descriptive and sequencing writing activity in which students designed a pumpkin and sequenced their steps of creation. Switching with a partner, they were challenge to replicate the pumpkin using only the steps. We finished by presenting our duplicate pumpkins! What a great day!