Raz Kids & Reflex Math

Happy Summer!

Please practice and enjoy Raz Kids this summer and Reflex Math!

Also remember if you would like to keep any photos from this year from the blog then download them from our google drive.  Our blog will be open until the middle of August!

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Have a Fantastic Summer!




Raz Kids

Reflex Math

Plants & Butterflies

We had fun growing pumpkin seeds from our class pumpkin we opened in the Fall.  We planted our seeds from our class pumpkin and have pumpkin plants growing in our classroom and then we planted them in our Echo Lake Garden.  We hope we get pumpkins this fall. We also grew grass and peas.


ABC Countdown to Summer

We had a great visit with our friend that moved to Florida and his family!

Bubble Day was bubbletastic!  We had fun blowing bubbles with our Kindergarten friends!

We loved wearing Echo Lake colors and bringing in our favorite books to share!