STEM Night

We had STEM night on this past Tuesday!

It was a great night!  Thanks to all those that came out!

We made a boat at the Kindergarten station using foil! You could make it anyway you wanted using a 6 X 6 piece of foil. We then tested it in water adding pennies as weight to see how many pennies your boat could hold. One 3rd grader made a boat that held 66 pennies!

STEM night was filled with fun science, math, technology and engineering. So


STEM Night Album

President’s Day

We came to school on President’s Day this year!

We had a great day!  Some of us wore red, white, and blue!

We learned all about the President’s and especially Washington and Lincoln!

Happy President’s Day!  How many presidents have we had?

Ask your child if you don’t know!


January Fun

We have had a wonderful January with our 6 Snow Days, one Monday in January with our Marvelous Mystery Readers, Matter experiments, Tie Dye Day, Kindness Week and magical Math activities!

Hope your January was joyful and jammed pack with fun!