Meet Our Team

Mrs. Vick –  Librarian          email:

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 1.49.49 PMNew treasure hunts begin each day– assisting students with research projects or burning questions or connecting students to that “just right book”!  I love my days!

Mrs. Vick graduated from VCU with a Masters in Education with a  Certification in Library Information.  She has been a Henrico elementary librarian for  25 years.  Mrs. Vick is married to a wonderful man who taught furniture making in Henrico County for 30 years. She is proud of her two adult children.  They always make her smile!  She has a dog, cat, chickens and loves to grow flowers and vegetables in her garden.  She also loves to ride bikes, go hiking and be out on the water in her kayak.

She loves children literature and totes her “bag of books” everywhere!  You never know when you will have a moment to read!  Currently she is loving picture books by Mo Willems, Melanie Watts and Tedd Arnold.  She loved recent novels such as Wonder and Captain Nobody.

What are YOU reading?

Mrs. von Kannewurff

Library Assistant           email:


“Mrs. von Kay” as she is known has been with Henrico County Schools for many years.  She met Mrs. Vick when her two boys started school at Shady Grove Elementary!  Mrs. Vick was there librarian and she was a parent volunteer!!  She is proud of her two high school sons and spends lots of time watching many sporting events; football, track, and cross-country!  She and her super husband have lived in many different places in the United States.

She loves helping boys and girls everyday.  She always seems to know what books are “hot” and has them ready for checkout— StarWars, Legos, Playaways to name a few!