• Monday, February 11th, 2019

Happy Monday: here are a few updates for the week:

-Friday: VS 5 Test/Please also review the regions of Virginia. There will be a few questions on the test to review information from the beginning of the year. Students will be asked to bring home their notebook and flashcards nightly to review.

-Valentines’s Day: The students brought home their list of classmates’ names Friday. Sending Valentine’s in is completely optional but if you choose to do so, please send in one for each student in the class.

-Heritage Night Project: We will do this project in class. If you have not returned the form that you completed with your child that chooses the topics for the project, please do so as soon as possible. Some students would like to display pictures with their Family Crest. The pictures will be returned. Thank you for your help with this!

-Benchmark scores were sent home last week. If you have not seen your child’s scores, please ask them for the paper.

-Mid year school pictures were sent home a few weeks ago. Please either return the pictures or money for the sheets you would like to purchase.

-This week we will finish up the Revolutionary War and continue with comparing and simplifying fractions. In Reading, we will begin learning more about prefixes and suffixes as well work on inferencing.


Have a great week, Kelly

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