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• Thursday, February 28th, 2019

• Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Dear Parents:

I hope to see you Thursday night for our Multicultural Night! The students have worked very hard on their Family Crests. They will be displayed in our hallway. The event will be from 630-730 pm.

A few updates:

-All money and permission slips for our trip to St. John’s Church is due Friday!

-Mystery Readers: thank you to the parents who have visited our class this year. If you are interested in stopping by to surprise your child as a Mystery Reader, please let me know a good day and time you are available. All school visitors must have a completed Volunteer Background Check on file in the office. Yes, the kids get very excited for reading at this age too!

Current Curriculum Focus:

Virginia Studies: VS 6:

-explaining why George Washington is called the “Father of Our Country” and James Madison is called the “Father of the Constitution”
-identifying the ideas of George Mason, as expressed in the Virginia Declaration of Rights and Thomas Jefferson as expressed in the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
-explaining the influence of geography and technological advances on the migration of Virginians into other states and western territories in the first half of the 1800s

Math: Fractions

-compare and order fractions and mixed numbers, with and without models
-represent equivalent fractions
-identify the division statement that represents a fraction, with models and in context
-adding and subtracting fractions, including mixed numbers with like and unlike denominators

Important Community Events & Reminders:
Feb. 21st                          Multicultural Night 6:30-7:30pm
March 1st                        Field Trip to St. John’s Church
March 28th                    Young Scientists
March 29th                     1/2 Day; End of 3rd Quarter
April 1st-5th                   Spring Break
April 22nd                       Easter Holiday
April 29th                        Field Trip to Pamplin Park
May 10th                          Recorder Concert 1:45pm


Have a great week, Kelly

• Monday, February 11th, 2019

Happy Monday: here are a few updates for the week:

-Friday: VS 5 Test/Please also review the regions of Virginia. There will be a few questions on the test to review information from the beginning of the year. Students will be asked to bring home their notebook and flashcards nightly to review.

-Valentines’s Day: The students brought home their list of classmates’ names Friday. Sending Valentine’s in is completely optional but if you choose to do so, please send in one for each student in the class.

-Heritage Night Project: We will do this project in class. If you have not returned the form that you completed with your child that chooses the topics for the project, please do so as soon as possible. Some students would like to display pictures with their Family Crest. The pictures will be returned. Thank you for your help with this!

-Benchmark scores were sent home last week. If you have not seen your child’s scores, please ask them for the paper.

-Mid year school pictures were sent home a few weeks ago. Please either return the pictures or money for the sheets you would like to purchase.

-This week we will finish up the Revolutionary War and continue with comparing and simplifying fractions. In Reading, we will begin learning more about prefixes and suffixes as well work on inferencing.


Have a great week, Kelly

• Tuesday, February 05th, 2019

The Richmond Flying Squirrels are pleased to announce that the Flying Squirrels Reading Program, “Go Nuts for Reading!” is back for its tenth season! This year’s program, which will run through Wednesday, March 20th 2019, is open to all CTES to participate! After reading 8 books and signing your child’s bookmark, your child will receive a FREE baseball voucher to the 6:35 pm April 18th baseball game. It will be a fun-filled night, beginning with a school parade around the diamond and ending with (fingers crossed) a win for our Flying Squirrels!! Look for more information in the Cub Chronicle and lets “play ball!”