Get Fit in 4th Grade


I truly cannot believe another year has passed and what a year it has been!  We all started off in September with smiling, yet nervous faces when we entered the room.  We immediately became High 5 Heroes and friends, as we got to know one another and realized what a great group we were.   I knew how special these students and families were when my father had his traumatic incident in September and spent months in the Trauma Unit at MCV and in rehab after his accident.  I received many hugs on the days I missed my daughter, as I sent her to JMU as a freshman and was missing her terribly.  We kept our fingers crossed and smiles on our faces as my dad healed, Darden made the JV LAX team as a freshman at Deep Run, and I had the herniated disks and spinal block procedures/recoveries with my back throughout the winter months.  (And not to mention the MANY SNOW DAYS!)  As a team, we PERSEVERED through the rough times and CELEBRATED the good ones.  You have made me PROUD all year and I have been truly touched by all of your love and support this year!



Please look at our Calendar link on this blog to stay on top of all of the special events!  Here are a few pics from some of our favorite days so far…

photo photo photo IMG_6547

What a fabulous celebration we had with speeches, costumes, and food from all around the world!  THANK YOU!!!

What a fabulous celebration we had with speeches, costumes, and food from all around the world! THANK YOU!!!

photo photo photo

The Olympic Creed reads:

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

Wow, what a wonderful week we had researching our countries and learning interesting facts about the Sochi Winter Olympics using a variety of resources in the library.  We also had the unique opportunity to SKYPE with Mrs. Ott’s class at Kaechle Elementary to ask them “thick questions” about each of their countries.  It was way cool to be LIVE sharing information!  We ended the week painting the Olympic rings on tshirts to wear during the Opening Ceremonies and designing flags to place around the “Medal Bar Graph” we have on display in our hallway.   The enthusiasm in our room is contagious and very uplifting!  Please continue this excitement and positive experience by going to the link in my Portal “Olympic Truce Wall” and BLOG your own peace truce.


Welcome Winter!  The frigid temperatures have surprised us with 2 school delays and a snowy morning!  We are all wearing our pj’s inside out and are placing spoons under our pillows in the hopes for a SNOW DAY!!!  If you want to LOL, go to our Vimeo Videos to see a snowy day video clip of Mrs. Ramsey and Mr. Brinkman!  :)

Snowy Scenery

Snowy Playground

What a fabulous fall season we are having at Rivers Edge!  We are beyond thrilled to announce the dedication of our Sensory Garden which was researched and designed by many of my former students.  We are thankful to Vulcan Materials for making our dreams and visions come true!  Please take some time to visit this beautiful garden located in the back of our school.  You truly won’t believe your eyes, ears or nose!

Sensory Garden Dedication

Sensory Garden Dedication

Welcome to our blog where we all FIT in!  Mr. Brinkman and I are looking forward to a fabulous 4th grade year!

I am your language arts (reading, writing, and word study) and science teacher this year. In case you haven’t already heard, we have a treadmill, 2 stationary bikes, 3 pedal bikes, and 25 stability seats in our classroom which help us exercise our brain and our body.  Check out my “Read and Ride” program at this link to see how we will be staying FIT!

Read and Ride

We will also be using a valuable resource called “My Portal” often.  Please browse these folders and bookmark this link on your home computer now!  What’s your favorite site?

Mrs. Ramsey’s Portal

You are superstars!  Visit our website where your videos from the school year will be posted.

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