Nov 5

After reading many Nate the Great books, our class got very hungry. Hungry for Nate the Great’s favorite treat…Pancakes! On Thursday, October 31 we celebrated the end to our unit on our favorite boy detective, Nate the Great. Students dressed up as their favorite characters and enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast cooked and served by some of our fabulous parents. Students came dressed as Rosamond, Annie, Sludge, Fang, Hex, and of course, Nate himself. Thank you to all the parents who donated items or volunteered to come cook pancakes. We couldn’t have done it without you. What a fun and yummy way to end our Nate the Great unit 🙂



Oct 28

Students enjoyed this great Children’s Engineering activity! After learning about the homes of the Powhatan Indians, students were asked to create their own longhouse out of shoeboxes, paper bags, and construction paper. It is amazing what the students created! Some students made fires and even wove small mats to put inside of their long houses. Others made gardens and even had the three sisters (corn, beans, and squash) growing as pop-ups! These boys and girls never cease to amaze me 🙂 I hope you enjoy our pictures!   -Ms. Snead



Oct 24

Literacy centers are an important and fun part of the reading curriculum in second grade. They are valuable for teaching reading and word study, as well as responsibility, teamwork, and communication. This week and next week we will be working on some fun and festive literacy centers in addition to our novel study, Nate the Great.

Our stations this week focus on working with words, computer skills, word study, creative writing, grammar, and integrating art into the curriculum. The boys and girls are doing a fantastic job in centers and have fun without realizing they are really learning.

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Oct 22

To finish up our review of place value, students listened to the story Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens. It is a fun story about Sir Cumference and Lady Di Ameter throwing a party for King Arthur because he has been so gloomy lately. The only problem is the entire kingdom shows up and they need to figure out where to put everyone. It lead us into our lesson of each digit in a number having its own special place.


Students were given dice, marshmallows, toothpicks, and Cheerios to make their own numbers. It was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures 🙂



Oct 21

Students became detectives today as we read Nate the Great. We discussed what a mystery is and learned some vocabulary the will be helpful as we help Nate with his future cases. We are excited to read more mysteries and write down clues in our detective notebooks.

*Each day I will have a question on this blog about a Nate the Great mystery. See if you can be the first to solve it.


Oct 16

This week we are reading the story Wilson Sat Alone. The underlying theme of this story is friendship and including everyone in the group. Today, students were given a link to our friendship chain with a classmate’s name on it. Each student was asked to write something nice about the student on that link. We then read the nice comments and added each link to the friendship chain. I was so pleased with the wonderful things my boys and girls had to say about one another 🙂 The comments were very heartwarming and I know it made everyone very happy to hear what nice things other students had to say about them. What wonderful citizens I have in my class! I am so proud of them all!



Oct 14

Welcome to our class blog! It has been an exciting year so far. We are cooking up success in 2nd grade! Students are working on exciting projects, making new friends, and having fun learning.

Last week, we completed a children’s engineering project and created 3D models of the water cycle complete with movable pieces and pop-ups.





During literacy centers, we imagined our crayons went on strike like in ,The Day the Crayons Quit. Students wrote some very creative ways to bring this unique community back together. This book has quickly become our class’s favorite book!