Matter Week

We sure did have a great time learning about Matter this week.  We turned a liquid into a solid on Wednesday when we made ice cream.  On Thursday, we had a fabulous technology lesson with Ms. Aquilina on our iPads.  We finished our Matter unit on Friday when we made Root Beer Floats.  We talked about the solid (ice cream), the liquid (root beer) and the gas (the bubble that formed when we poured the root beer on top of the ice cream)  We had a special guest to help us put our floats together.  Colby Daniels enjoyed this tasty experiment as much as the first graders did:)

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Fun Friday

We had a fabulous fun Friday!!!  First we learned all about the Chinese New Year!  Thank you, Mrs. Ruan!!

Then we moved right into our birthday celebration for Dr. Seuss!  We had lots of guest readers that came to read a Dr. Seuss book to us!!  See if your child can tell you who they are!!

A big THANK YOU to all who came to read to our class!!!  Thank you Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Carson, Mrs. Livesay , Mrs. Metzger and Mrs. Middleton!!

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101st Day

We are having another FUN day in Room 1 celebrating the 101st day of school.  Our dalmatian theme has played into most of our instructional day.  First grade has had a very fun week at Shady Grove!!!

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100th day fun!!!

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We had a great time sorting different objects this week.  The conversations were impressive and entertaining!

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September 18-22

WE had another fabulous week in First Grade!!!  We are getting stronger and stronger with proper sentence writing!  We will continue to practice this important skill for most of this marking period.  I am thinking we will all be professional sentence writers before we know it!

Have a wonderful weekend with your cute children and I will look forward to hearing about their adventures on Monday morning!

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