Good riddance Hurricane Florence! On to week 3!

Week 2 was unexpectedly short due to the threat of Hurricane Florence. Luckily we didn’t get the storm or damage they predicted we might, but we did get a Friday out of school! I hope everyone stayed dry and was able to enjoy their ‘Hurricane day” (hopefully the only one of this year!)…better safe than sorry!

We did some great learning in our 4 days last week…focusing on blends, voting and even writing an opinion paper for who should rule the farm: Cow or Chicken! We read our opinion papers out loud and then voted. The final results of all 2nd grade votes, will be announced on Monday! I wonder who will win?!

Reading our opinion papers to the class!

Our schedule did get a bit off due to our “Hurricane day” so I will check last week’s homework packets on Monday and the Citizenship Test will now be on Tuesday. 🙂

  • Tests will be read aloud to our 2nd graders for the 1st nine weeks as we practice our test taking skills and prepare them to read tests on their own the rest of the school year! Please know that we don’t want test taking to be stressful for our kids. The most important thing is to talk with them about the topics we are discussing and make sure they are familiar with the vocabulay on the study guides.  While classroom lessons should give them what they need to master the topics, reinforcement at home will definitely help your 2nd grader succeed even more greatly on our graded activities!
  • I can’t wait to see parents on Thursday at Back To School Night! It will begin at 6:00 in the cafeteria and then parents will be sent to the classroom. There will be 2 sessions for those with multiple students. 🙂 We will discuss some of our upcoming activities for the school year and it will be a great time for questions concerning homework, study guides, behavior charts, etc! Unfortunately there won’t be a lot of time for one on one conferences but hopefully I can answer most of your questions in our group setting! See you on Thursday!

Hoping for a dry week with sunshine,

K. Renn

1st Week Recap!

Our 1st week in 2nd grade was a busy one! We spent a lot of time discussin classroom, school rules and the characteristics of a good citizen. We demonstrated the importance of always using kind words and the effect mean words have on others. We reviewed short vowel sounds and did some beginning of the year writing! During math we learned how to update our classroom calendars, ways to “talk math” and worked on ordinal numbers. To end the week, we did a group ‘STEM’ competition for Friday Fun Time and WOW was I impressed! ALL groups worked together to figure out how to make a chain out of their supplies given. Purple team came out on top with the longest chain! We will be doing many more engineering and team building activities this school year!

**THIS WEEK:  Look for our first HOMEWORK NEWLETTER to come home tomorrow! Assignments are broken down by night in what I hope is a managable amount for our 2nd graders. I truly believe homework is great in reinforcing what has been taught at school BUT it should not get in the way of kids being kids and family time. Hopefully it can be worked easily into your nightly schedules!  Homework does not need to be returned to school to be checked until FRIDAY! 🙂 Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

I look forward to our second week of school with this sweet group of new 2nd graders!

K. Renn

Welcome Back!!


Welcome to a new school year! It was so great getting to meet most of my new kiddos and families at Thursday night’s Open House! Our school theme for the 2018-19 school year is “We’re Happy Campers: Ready for S’More Learning!”. Here is the link to our school website:  Please check it every so often for updates on spirit days and opportunities to support our school through the PTA!

A few helpful reminders for the school year:

  • Please return completed forms and the “Longan folder” with your child as soon as possible. This folder will be your child’s graded papers folder and will be sent home every Friday (beginning the 2nd week).
  • Please remember a healthy snack daily! Our snack time will be around 10:00 each day!
  • Look for a “Homework folder” to come home on the first day of school! It will contain your child’s behavior chart and word wall. Please keep these in the folder at all times. Homework packets will be sent home the 2nd week of school and only need to be returned to me on Fridays!
  • Three ring binders will be sent home the first week. This will be your child’s “Study Guide Binder”. Whenever we begin a new topic in Science, Social Studies and Math, I will send home a study guide so you may review with your child at home. Page protectors will help keep these guides in tact the entire school year (don’t throw them away).  Study guides will be colorful (so you can easily identify them) and will come home in the Longan folder for you to place in your study guide binder. This binder will STAY AT HOME.
  • If you need to get in touch with me with questions or comments about events or behaviors, email is usually the best route: I promise to respond to parent emails within 24 hours! If it is something you need me to know first thing in the morning (transportation changes, early dismissals, etc.) it is best to send a written note in your child’s homework folder as I check them first thing in the morning and can pass the information on to the office!
  • Check back here for updates and pictures of some of our classroom happenings and lessons! I will do my best to update at least monthly!

Have a great last weekend of summer and I look forward to greeting the kids on Tuesday!

Mrs. Renn

Snow Much Fun!

Snow days are always a welcome break to our normal school week (since we don’t usually get TOO many here in Richmond, Virginia). I hope everyone stayed toasty warm and was able to enjoy the white stuff the last few days!

As fun as they are, snow days do upset our normal schedule and routines a bit once we return to school…

Due to our 3 snow days, we will be continuing the same word study words as last week (log on to to see and practice word lists!) but will continue on with new vocabulary and sight words. We will test all of these words on Friday 1/12!

Due to the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday on Monday 1/15 and continued PALS and F&P mid-year reading testing, we will NOT have new word study words that week. Continue to review new vocabulary and sight words!

Hopefully a normal word study schedule will be able to resume the week of 1/22! I will keep you posted!

Year in Review!


We ended the year with a scientific BANG: A new experiment or engineering activity  each day as we approached winter break! We had a lot of practice thinking for ourselves AND working as a team. We formed hypotheses and made predictions. Sometimes we were correct and other times our predictions were way off BUT we learned from them all! That’s the life of a scientist!

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Make your own dreidel!

Tallest Tree

Which cookie will float the longest? Marshmallow beat out the chocolate chip and oreo cookies!

RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) Week

Each day the week before break, we attempted to make our classroom Grinch’s heart GROW by doing things to spread kindness in our classroom and throughout Longan! We shared books with Mrs. Hullett’s first grade class, gave extra compliments to those working hard in the cafeteria, helped to keep our classroom extra clean, sang to the office staff and wrote complimentary letters to the other 2nd grade classrooms! Not only did the Grinch’s heart grow, but so did our own as we helped spread the kindness and spirit of the season!

Singing for the Office Staff!

Friday Fun with Science!

Making predictions about what will happen to the sand pile on the plate once wind is introduced.

During our “Friday Fun Time” we got to be scientists exploring the concepts of Weathering and Erosion! First the students predicted what would happen when we recreated a windy day at the beach, with a pile of sand (on a paper plate) and a straw. The pile of sand MOVED all over the plate and became flat…the sand hill was gone! (EROSION)

Next the students received a cookie “rock” and were able to WEATHER them using a popsicle stick. They were amazed at how smooth the rough “rock” became from the rubbing! Science bulids up an appetite, so very few of the ‘rocks’ were left after the experiment!

Science is so much fun! And Fun Friday science is YUMMY!

Weathering …

Getting smoother!

Scholastic Book Orders

Books, Books, Books!! Reading helps introduce your child to new adventures, both real and make believe! I will be sending home Scholastic Book flyers at the beginning of each month and orders will be placed around the 15th of the month. Please consider purchasing books for your child from this flyer! Not only are they more reasonable than most book stores, every purchase helps us get books for our classroom as well! They also make great incentives for super behavior and grades!

You may send in the flyer order-form with money to school and I will send it in OR you can conveniently order online using our class code: H8D3F

Thank you for helping make our 2nd Graders into SUPER READERS!


Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome! Our 2nd grade Superheroes are going to WOW you with how busy we are everyday in the classroom! This blog will give you a glimpse into our heroic learning as well as be a place for updates and announcements. So attach your cape and get ready to take off with us as we become even more powerful with knowledge!