Frequently Asked Questions about SOL Testing

What SOL tests will my child take this year?

All students enrolled in English 10 will take the Writing SOL in March (see more information here).

All students enrolled the following courses will take the associated SOL test in May (see more information here):

*Students enrolled in Biology II that have not previously passed the Biology SOL are required to take the SOL in May.

What if my child is absent for an SOL?

We ask that you avoid scheduling routine doctor’s appointments and trips during SOL testing, if possible.  If you know your child will be absent for an SOL test, please let your child’s teacher know ahead of time. If your child will be absent for more than one SOL test, please contact Mrs. Cartwright to determine a schedule for makeups.  Makeup testing is scheduled as needed during the weeks of testing.  See each schedule for more information.

What if my child has failed an SOL, can they retake it?

Students may retake an SOL if they have passed the course and attended remediation for the test.  The first opportunity to retake an SOL is in June, a few weeks after the regular SOL dates.  Students should attend remediation sessions before retaking the SOL.  SOL testing for retakes is also scheduled for summer, fall/winter, and again in Spring.  (See more information here.)

My child transferred to Glen Allen High School from a different county, state or country after completing the 9th grade.  Do they need to take SOL tests for previous courses?

Probably.  If they received high school credit for a course listed above, they may need to take the associated SOL test.  Each student’s situation is different.  Please contact Mrs. Cartwright if you would like to speak about your child’s unique situation and determine which SOL tests may be needed.  Students that transfer at the beginning of a school year are offered an opportunity to take necessary tests in September.  See more information here.

My child transferred from a private school.  Do they need to take SOL tests for previous courses?

Probably.  If they received a high school credit for a course associated with an SOL (see list at the top), yes.  Students may take the required SOL test in the summer if they are registered for the fall.  The next opportunity is in September.  If you have questions about which courses were transferred, please contact your child’s school counselor.   If you have questions about testing, please contact Mrs. Cartwright.

Is tutoring offered for SOL tests?

Yes.  Tutoring for the Writing SOL test typically begins in February for the March test.  Tutoring for SOL tests typically begins in late March, early April for May non-writing SOL tests.  Dates and times for tutoring sessions vary by subject and may be offered before, during, or after school.   Please check the Remediation pages for the most up to date information.  In addition, some teachers offer remediation for their students during before or after school and in JSTEP.  Please contact teachers directly to inquire about any remediation sessions they may offer.

When will I know my child’s scores?

Score reports are mailed home at the end of the school year.  Writing and Non-Writing scores are included in the report.  Students that fail an online SOL in May, may be notified by their teacher so that they can attend remediation and retake the test in June.

Are the tests on paper or the computer?

All non-writing SOL testing is done on the computer or laptop.  It is extremely important the students keep their computers in working condition, charge them the night before a test, and restart them before testing each day.  Students should take their computers to the help desk during posted hours if they experience any problems with their laptops. The Writing SOL test is on paper for the last time this year.  Henrico County Public Schools will also participate in the field test for the Online Writing SOL in March.  Next year, the Writing SOL will be administered online like other SOL tests.


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