Can You Guess Who I Am?

Students in Mrs. Drewes 4th grade class at Chamberlayne worked in collaborative pairs using StoryBoardThat to create a comic about a famous 21st century American.  Then, they used the Snipping Tool to take a picture of their comic and save it to the pictures folder in their computer.  They uploaded their finished comics to a Media Album in Schoology where their classmates could use the comment feature to guess the famous American in their comic.

Adapting Our Wild Selves!

Students in Mrs. Fournier’s 2nd grade class at Chamberlayne ES have been learning about animals and their habitats.  Today, they were given a habitat, then they created a Wild Self with adaptations that would help them survive in that habitat.  Lastly, they uploaded their Wild Selves into SeeSaw and recorded themselves describing their adaptations.  Check out some of their awesome projects below!

Dear Moby: Making Our Own BrainPop Movies

Today, students in Mrs. Seal’s class at Short Pump Elementary had the chance to show off their cloud knowledge by making their own movie inside of BrainPop using the Make-A-Movie feature.  It was a fun and engaging way for them to showcase their knowledge.  While we didn’t finish their movies today, they will be able to finish in class on another day and submit their movie for me to see.  Check back later to see some of their finished products.

To make the lesson I used my My BrainPop account and created a class for Mrs. Seal’s students, assigned Make-A-Movie as an assignment and put it all in Schoology for them to access.  If you are interested in trying this out with your class, let me know and I can help you get it started!

Coding with Chromebooks

Students in Mrs. Booth’s class at Short Pump ES showed how proficient they have become with their Chromebooks by coding in Scratch to explain what they like about having the Chromebooks.  This was their first time working inside of Scratch and they did a fantastic job!  Check out one of their projects below.

Colors, Colors, Everywhere!

Students in Ms. Wilmoth’s class have been working on creating bar graphs and Ms. Wilmoth wanted to give them a challenge that would be fun, exciting and engaging!  Students were given the challenge to code the Sphero to flash colors at random intervals.  They then switched Spheros with another group.  They used a data table to track the colors that the Sphero flashed and graphed their results.  This lesson was a fun way to combine coding and graphing!

Click here to watch a video from the lesson!

Maps & Continents Fun!

Students in third grade at Short Pump ES have been using technology to enhance their social studies skills!

In Mrs. Reed’s class, students created a map using an online map making tool.  They then used the snipping tool to copy their map and paste it into a Google Doc template given to them using Google Drive Integration in Schoology.  Students then picked two places on their map and used cardinal directions to write directions from one place to another.

Students in Mrs. Booth’s class used the Chromebooks to travel to each of the different continents through Nearpod and then used a Kahoot to show of their knowledge!

Henrico History Timelines

Students in 5th Grade at Chamberlayne ES built Henrico History timelines inside of the Classtools Timeline Maker.  They researched what dates that they thought were important in Henrico History, added important details about the event and then added them to their timeline.  They then saved their timeline as a webpage and turned it in through Schoology.  Check out some of their timelines below.


Click here for larger version

Click here for larger version

Click here for larger version

Assigning Work Through Seesaw

Students in Mrs. Reid’s and Mrs. Wirsing’s Kindergarten classes have been learning about community helpers who are there to help and protect us.  Today, they showed off their knowledge using Seesaw by drawing a community helper on a template that was assigned to them and then recording information about their person!

Students were first assigned a template through Seesaw (Want to learn how to assign a template for work through See Saw: Click here)

Then, they worked in partners to decide on a community helper and began taking turns to make their community member come to life!






Students then used the record feature to explain who their community helper was and shared it with their teacher.  Check out some of their finished products!