Counseling Services

Dear Parents,

I am starting our first semester small group counseling sessions in October  The purpose of counseling groups is for children to gather in small groups to learn and share about common school, social or family issues.   Please refer to the group list below.  If you feel your child could benefit from one of the following groups, please sign and return the form to their classroom teacher by, October 8th. Students will meet once a week for thirty minutes during the school day.  Students will be required to make up any missed class work.  If you have any questions please contact me at 364-8080.

Sincerely, Karen Shaia School Counselor Kaechele Elementary


Academic All Stars -Goal Setting Strategies and Study Skills – Grades 3-5

*Help students learn effective organization and time management strategies.

*Help students learn process of elimination, highlighting key

words and using context clues to answer test questions.

*Help students gain confidence and lessen anxiety related to

academic success.


Banana Splits – Recent Family Change through Separation & Divorce -Grades K-5

*Coping with changes

*Understanding feelings

*Living in two places

*Developing self-help strategies


Marvelous Me – Improving Self-Control & Following School Rules – Grades K-5

*Strategies for reducing stress and anger

*Making good behavior choices

*Developing social skills to minimize classroom difficulties


Confident Kids- Enhancing Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence – Grades K-5

*Recognizing personal strengths

*Identifying individuals that help you feel good about yourself

*Strategies for overcoming negative thinking


Stress busters- Strategies to help reduce stress and improve self -concept

Grades 3-5

*Identify stress and anxiety triggers

*Learn stress reduction techniques

*Learn coping skills in stressful situatio


Please sign-up for only one group and refer to the list and grades above.

Return by 10/8 to your child’s teacher.

Click here to download a permission slip for fall groups