January 2021 Counseling News you can Use

Welcome to our New Year 2021!!! I wish all families a happy and healthy year of 2021! Our January Classroom lessons will focus on several topics. In Kindergarten we will discuss feelings and choosing positive behaviors even when our unpleasant feelings surface. In first grade, we will learn how to solve people problems with an emphasis on using ” I care Language”. In second grade, we will learn a technique to regulate our unpleasant emotions called the Turtles Secret: Say how you feel. Shell to relax. Think of a  way to help yourself. Do something that helps the situation. In third grade,  classes will learn study skills that help them earn good grades and smarter brains. In fourth grade, students practice using an ABCD problem-solving technique. In fifth grade, students learn how proofreading and other study skills can benefit their progress.

      Our NED Champions continue to light up our Kudo board https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/ckvBjYiN.  NED is part of our citizenship program and stands for Never Give Up, Encourage Others, and Do Your Best. Teachers and classmates vote for the NED champions each month. Go NED!!!!

     In addition,  part of our citizenship and positive climate at Kaechele is our Habitude of the month. January’s Habitude is Perseverance. As defined by Angela Maiers in her book: Classroom Habitudes:

Students and teachers may enjoy books read by me on our KES School Counseling Course in Schoology that pertain to Perseverance.

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