Counseling News You Can Use

Welcome back to a new school year. In September my class lessons will focus on understanding and respecting differences. I will be using a variety of books that develop characters who have differences and how they learn to positively accept their differences. The book titles include, Elmer, Odd Velvet, Giraffes Can’t Dance, Calvin Can’t Fly, Dancing in the Wings, and Same Same but Different.

In addition we are welcoming 38 new students to grade levels 1-5. Each year as new students come to Kaechele I help to provide them a student buddy in their class. This year we will continue with our buddy lunches being virtual.  A huge thank you to all our buddies who help make a difference by being kind. Together the group play in getting to know one another games and I share books about friendship. These groups meet once a week for 5 weeks. In October I will start support groups for students who may need help managing their academics or social and emotional growth. Parents may sign students on for a virtual group using these two permission slips. Counseling (GenEd) Consent- DOL  Group Permission 2020-21

I look forward to working with students, parents and teachers. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have concerns about your students. I am happy to help make this the best year possible for all coyotes!!!

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