Counseling News You Can Use-April 1, 2020

KES 2020 Virtual Career Day!

Hi Everyone in recognition of our planned Career Day 2020 I have gathered together many websites for students to enhance their career awareness. I hope you have fun with these. Please email me your thoughts about the sites and what careers you found most interesting!


K-5- Career Town: Virginia Career VIEW

K-5- Lots of great links within this site and includes careers

K-5- Videos about government careers Videos About Government Careers

K-5- Dairy Council of California- Make a pizza game-

Make a Pizza – My Very Own Pizza Nutrition Game

2-5- Create a comic Make Beliefs Comix

4-5- Allows students to search careers, has videos describing career; best is student uses the “I want to be a…..” column  My Next Move

4-5- Engineering careers for girls EngineerGirl – Homepage

4-5- Promo for automotive engineering and a video of a mechanical engineer’s job

Your Future in Automotive

3-5 Soil Games for kids (must have Adobe Flash Player on your computer)

3-5 Occupational Outlook Handbook Careers listed in occupational groups



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