Hats Off to Dr. Seuss!

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Coyote Courier Update

Courier Link for week of 2/19/18- 2/23/18

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Coyote Courier Update

Courier Link for week of 2/5/18- 2/9/18: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1exHp8ovmXiFezzjVBR4jGwhCZ4Al6Bl7phCAnkFm8Gg/edit

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Let the Reading Olympics Begin!

In honor or World Read Aloud Day, Kaechele will be using an Olympic theme to share our love of books!  Each class has voted on the top three books—Gold, Silver, and Bronze!

On February 8th, we will have a school-wide assembly to share our winners, as well as have a special read aloud with a very special guest!  Students are invited to dress like one of the characters from their gold, silver, and bronze books!  Dressing up like a favorite character from the top 3 books is just an option, not mandatory. 🙂  If your child chooses to participate, the ‘costume’ can be as simple or elaborate as s/he chooses!   Please ask your child to tell your the 3 Olympic winners from his/her class!  It will be a great day!

Courier Link for week of 2/5/18- 2/9/18

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WE LOVE TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOIN US!!!!!

School Wide Literacy Event Coming Up! Did you know, reading aloud to your child is the single most important thing you can do to help them succeed? We understand the power of sharing our words with our students at KES.  In February, in connection with World Read Aloud Day AND Kindness month,  we kick off the month of February with a very special literacy experience. Please join us by pledging to read aloud with your child in February.  You can read anything you like with your child(ren), but we’d like to offer you the opportunity to purchase an “all-read” book so that we might foster some shared experiences in the community at the bus stops, on the playground, everywhere!  We have selected The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo as well as The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams as an alternate for our younger coyotes, or as an extra companion book.  Our local bookshop, bbgb in Carytown is partnering with us to offer you these books at a discounted price. The Velveteen Rabbit is offered in 2 versions, an economical choice, or a beautiful keepsake hardback that was just released. To order a copy of either book or both titles for your family, simply click on this link.  http://bbgbbooks.com/book-buzz  There is no need to enter a coupon code as our discount is reflected in the price.   PLEASE PLACE YOUR ORDER BY JANUARY 22 TO ENSURE DELIVERY BY 2/8.  All books will be delivered to Kaechele and given to your child on Thursday, February 8th, when we will have a very special kickoff assembly to start this fun book.  After the kick off, each family who would like to participate will be challenged to read a chapter a night aloud as a family.  If you choose not to purchase the book, then we encourage families to still read aloud with a book you choose.  It will be amazing to share in this experience with our families, our school and our community! After all, the most powerful act of kindness you can offer your child is the gift of your time as you read aloud with your family!  

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Youth Art Month is Near!

Mrs. Perkins has planned a wonderful event with a local artist for Youth Art Month!

Please see the link below to find out how YOUR FAMILY can participate!

Visiting Artist!

And here is the Coyote Courier Update!

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Giftedness and First Grade

Parents and teachers may refer a child for the gifted program until Friday, January 19th.  Please read the attached information regarding giftedness as you think about your own child.  Thanks so much!

Gifted vs. Bright

Coyote Courier Update

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Coyote Courier update

We are excited about our International Festival on January 19th!  Please join us from 4:30 til 6PM and discover many cultures and customs that make our Kaechele family unique!  There will be booths set up from many countries from each continent with  families sharing their heritage!  Mark the date on your calendar!  We hope to see you!

 Courier Link for week of 1/8/2018 – 



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Newsletter — January 2

Visit our blog—-


First Grade Flash

January 2, 2018    Welcome!

                      We you enjoyed your time with family and friends during our Winter Break!  

It is hard to believe that it is 2018!  We will start off our new year talking about seasonal changes in plants, animals, and humans,  In math, we will begin our discussion of equality.  This is more than just the use of the ‘=’ sign!  We want children to use it to understand the idea of both sides of an equation are equal to each other — they must balance!  Children often have a limited definition of the symbol and think it just means ‘equals.’  Using the idea of a balance scale is very helpful in getting children to understand the idea of equality.  We will use the terms ‘is equal to’ and ‘is equivalent to’ as we read equations.  Here are some examples:  

3 and 5 = 4 and 4            10 = one group of ten             8+1 = 1 + 8              12 = 4+4+4               20+5=25             8-2 = 3+3

Great video to help you and your child understand this concept:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FDIXz0AFCA

In writing, we continue to work on proper form and using out lines correctly.  We are working hard to transfer Word Study features to creative writing, using describing words, as well as remembering our proper capitalization and punctuation.  It’s a lot to remember!  Please continue to encourage your child to put in some great efforts!  

           In reading, we will continue to read books that are a ‘good fit.’  Regardless of the reading level, children should have a good understanding of story elements (main characters, setting, sequencing the events, etc) as they read.  In addition, we will keep talking about finding the ‘evidence’ in the story as we answer comprehension questions.  Young readers can sometimes rely on past experiences to answer questions.  We want them to be able to go back into the story and find their answer!  Practice at home as you listen to your child read!  

REMINDERS:                      January 2:  School Repoens!

                                                January 15:  MLK, Jr. Day — Student Holiday

           January 19:  Young Scientist Visit

                                              January 25:  6:30 PM — 1st and 2nd Grade Winter Show — More information to come…….

                                              January 29:  Student Holiday

                                             January 30:  Boomerang Spirit Night —  4 – 7 PM

                                             February 1:  Parent Conferences — 2:30 – 6 PM



  • Read to someone special at least 15 minutes every night.


     Monday           Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday            Friday


  1.   Choose a menu item to practice your word sort patterns.



          Monday               Tuesday                    Wednesday


  1.   Take a practice “word study test” on Thursday night.

    How did you do?      

          Great!     OK!      I need to practice!


  1.  On the weekend, always spend time with special people, do things you enjoy, read to them, and have them read to you!


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January Music Program Information

Mr. Krauss would like to  invite you to attend our 1st & 2nd Grade Winter Music Program!

This will take place on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 6:30.  We ask that your child report to the Music room at 6:00.    Children are asked to wear wintry shirts or sweaters; winter hats and scarves  with colors of red, green, white, and yellow; jeans  or dark pants, and sneakers.  Please feel free to have your child practice singing over Winter Break!  Enjoy!

Winter Music 

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