Feb. 4-8

What a busy week in room 109!  We started the 3rd quarter with some really cold days and a quick flurry as we left on Friday. I hope the groundhog was correct in his prediction and Spring is coming soon! In the classroom we kept warm and worked hard. We enjoyed summarizing with poems, it was a fun unit and hopefully the students were able to share the poems they brought home with you. We also and did some hands-on learning about Matter.  Our Science and Social Studies binders were ready to explode with all we have learned the first two marking periods!  Please keep these papers at home for review. We will be filling them back up again with lots of new information.

What we are learning:

  • Math
    • Probability
  • Science
    • Matter and changes in matter
  • Reading
    • Summarizing Fiction
  • Writing
    • Adding suffixes
    • cursive


  • Science: Matter Test February 8
  • Math: Probability Quiz February 13
  • Math: Probability Test February 18

Looking Forward to:

  • Stinger Store- February 6
  • Parent Teacher Conferences- February 7
  • Second Quarter Report Card Distribution- February 11
  • Robert Jospe World Beat Workshop Assembly – February 12
  • Valentine’s Day- February 14
  • Family Wellness Night- February 21
  • Henricus Park Field Trip- February 22
  • Spring Pictures- February 27

Jan. 7-11

Happy New Year!  Thank you for all your support throughout the year. I hope you all had a great winter break. It was wonderful to get back to school and our routine after a relaxing and restful winter break.  We had 2 busy days this week and are ready to hit the ground running as we approach the half-way point to our school year!  Second grade is transitioning to computer- based testing now that our Chromebooks are broken in.  This is an enormous change for everyone and we are working through the challenges together as we get used to the new way of doing things.  The students are all working so hard and showing their best as they approach the new technology.

The Gifted Referral Window for K-2 is open from 1/3/19-1/18/19.  If you are interested in referring your child for gifted services please email Rebecca Walker (rswalker@henrico.k12.va.us) and/or Karen Wright (kewright@henrico.k12.va.us)  If you’d like to learn more about Gifted Programs in Henrico County, visit https://henricoschools.us/gifted/ .


What we are learning:

  • Math

Estimating, Addition and Subtraction with regrouping

  • Science

Seasonal Changes/ Animal Adaptations

  • Social Studies

American Indians begins

  • Reading
    • Fiction/ Non-fiction Questioning
  • Writing
    • Friendly Letter


  • Seasonal Changes Test Jan  7
  • Eastern Woodlands Quiz Jn. 11
  • American Indians test – January 25
  • Math Addition with regrouping/ estimation test January 11
  • Math Subtraction with regrouping/ estimation quiz January 18
  • Math Subtraction with regrouping/ estimation test January 23
  • Math Unit Test January 24

Looking Forward to:

  • SCA Wacky Tacky/ Crazy Hair Day – January 17
  • Student Holiday – January 21
  • Buzzy Bash – January 25
  • End of Quarter 2 – January 25
  • Gifted Referral Window: Cogat scores sent home in folders January 4. Gifted referral window is open until January 18th
  • Family Survey: please complete the 10-minute survey by Friday, January 18th: http://tiny.cc/spesfamilysurvey. Thank you!
  • Winter Clothing Drive will take place Monday, January 14th– Friday, January 25th. Donations of new scarves, hats, and gloves are welcomed to support students in need at Virginia Randolph.

December 17

Decemeber is flying by and we are all very excited about our Winter Break. I hope everyone had a wonderful fun filled “Snow Break” ! We are moving to catch up on all the work we missed while we were out  but also trying to have fun while we learn.

We celebrated the arrival of our Chromebooks and have developed a smooth routine and it is fabulous to have the resources at our disposal at all times.The students used their Chrombooks and enjoyed Hour of Code. I was appreciativel and amazed by the team of volunteers that supported us. The students were problem solving and using strategies to finish the challenges in Lightbot during our hour.  It was also a great way for us to highlight and talk about our Quality Character focus in the Henrico Learner Profile.  Even when the tasks were challenging, the students worked to solve them in parts or collaborated with others to understand what was not working.

What we are learning:

  • Math
    • Addition with regrouping/estimation
  • Social Studies/Science
    • Animal Adaptations
    • Seasonal Changes
  • Reading
    • Fiction/Non-fiction main idea and details
  • Writing
    • Friendly Letter


  • Math-Addition with regrouping/estimation test January 4
  • Math-Subtraction with regrouping/estimation quiz January 10
  • Math-Subtraction with regrouping/estimation test January 17
  • Math-Unit test January 23

Looking forward to:

  • Marty the Author – December 18
  • Jingle Bell Jog – December 19 9 am
  • Winter Party –  December 19
  • Winter Break December 20 – January 2

Dec. 3-10

We are working hard in class building a community of learnerswho care and respect each other.  We are working on the second letter of “ROCK” character qualities which is Ownership.   We completed our first “hive” for showing positive behaviors in school and have voted for our reward of “Lunch and a Movie” in our classroom during our regular lunch time. We will be celebrating our goal on Wednesday, Dec.5. Students can still buy lunch from the cafeteria but please remember we are a “Nut Free” classroom.

We have been so busy. We showed teamwork and problem solving with our November STEM challengelast week called Hiding a Turkey.  Math Science Innovation Center came on Friday and did a wonderful lesson called Arthropod Cycles. We had a hands on and up close visit with some amazing creatures (here’s a link to their website if you are interested in their programs:   https://www.mymsic.org/little-innovators ) .Wow!  Our future scientists at work!

What we are learning:


  • 2 digit Estimating, Addition, and Subtraction
  • Problem Solving
  •  Science
    • Animal Habitats
    • Interdependence-how plants and animals depend on each other
  • Reading
    • Fiction and Non-Fiction Main idea and Details
  • Writing
    • Expository writing
    • Plurals


  • Habitats Test – December 10

Looking Forward to:

  • Stinger Store –  December 5
  • Hour Of Code –  December 5
  • “Lunch and a Movie” in the Classroom- Dec. 5
  • Chromebooks arrive  – week of December 4
  • PJ Day –  December 13
  • Winter Break  – December 20 – January 2
  • Marty the Author – December 18
  • Jingle Bell Jog –  December 19 9 am
  • Winter Party –  December 19

Nov. 2-9

We are continuing to be active and enthusiastic learners in Room 109! We had a wonderful week of learning ! Students where able to complete research on extreme types of weather and work with partners to create posters. The posters that were presented showed a great understanding of the topic and students were able explain the effects their extreme weather has on peopl, plants, animals and our earth. Engineering skills were also incorporated into many of the posters.

We extended our learning of nonfiction/fiction with a fun engineering activity. Students worked in groups to create a bridge to help our spider friends cross a river. All I can say is WOW! Students showed cooperation, leadership and great team work with their groups.

  .What we are learning:

  • Math
    • Read, write, and identify 3 digit place value numbers
  • Social Studies
    • Veteran’s Day and Voting
    • United States Geography
  • Reading
    • Story Elements- Character Feelings
  • Writing
    • Synonyms and Antonyms


  • Last day of Quarter 1: November 5
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: November 5-6
  • Student Holiday: November 6
  • Collections for Treats for Troops Until November 9.
    • Second grade collecting:
      • deodorant/antiperspirant sticks
      • travel size lotion
      • socks

Looking Forward to:

  • Stinger Store- November 7
  • Math Science Innovation Center classroom visit- November 7
  • Veteran’s Day Assembly- November 9
  • Fall Picture Make-ups- November 15


Oct. 29-Nov.2

We had a fun and busy week in Room 109! We enjoyed a visit with Students from Godwin HS who read to us and brought us an awesome pumpkin to help decorate our  room.

We continued learning about graphing with our I “Moustache” you a question activity. Students had to formulate their survey question, interview their classmates and collect data, construct a graph and analyze their data. Lots of meaningful learning was happening along with lots of fun!!!

What we are learning:

  • Math
    • Graphing and Doubles
  • Social Studies/ Science
    • Weather Tools
    • Weathering and Erosion
    • The Water Cycle
  • Reading
    • Predicting nonfiction
    • Text Features of nonfiction books
  • Writing
    • Writing with a beginning, middle, and ending
    • Using description in writing


  • Weather Quiz: October 31
  • Extreme Weather and Weather Tools Quiz:  November 1
  • Weather Test: November 2
  • Doubles Test: October 29
  • Graphing Test: November 2

Oct. 22-226

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Trunk or Treat last Friday. It was a great night for the event. Fun was had by all!

Treats for Troops

We have the opportunity to contribute to TREATS FOR TROOPS for the next two weeks beginning next Monday, October 29. The second graders have been asked to collect the following items:

  • socks (adult sized), travel size lotion and stick deodorant/antiperspirant.

The collection closes on November 9th.

What we are learning:

  • Math
    • Graphing and Doubles
  • Social Studies/ Science
    • Weather Tools
    • Weathering and Erosion
    • The Water Cycle
  • Reading
    • Nonfiction Text Features
    • Predicting in nonfiction
  • Writing
    • Words with silent e and adding ing


Book Orders are due October 23. Use code DT48F when placing your order online.

Safety Update

New Safety Lunch Policy:

This year, HCPS has changed this policy to help make your child safer. Only adults who are on the child’s authorization for pick up list are allowed to eat with your children unless you have provided a written note to the school authorizing your permission. For example, Grandma, who’s from out of town, comes to visit your child and wants to eat lunch with him. The only way she can eat lunch with your child is if you have placed Grandma on the authorization for pick up or have written a note.

Oct. 15-19

We had a great week of learning and I’m looking forward to another wonderful week. I hope everyone was able to enjoy their weekend after the storm. It finally feels like fall!

What we are learning:

Math- Ordering, comparing and rounding

Science- The Water Cycle ,Weather and Weather tools

Reading-Predicticting and revising predictions

Writing- Syllables, homophones, using correct capitalization and punctuation


  • Quarter 1 Grades available on PowerSchool October 12 (no paper interims go home for grades 2-5)
  • Math quiz on ordering and rounding October 17
  • Math Test October 19
  • Social Studies Test: Cesar Chavez and Christopher Columbus October 15

Looking Forward to:

  • Success and Red Ribbon Week Events
    • Monday – Global Day: Picks a country and wear the colors or dress in the native clothing
    • Tuesday – Dress for Success Day: Dress professionally or dress like your future profession
    • Wednesday – College Day: Wear your parent’s college gear or your dream school
    • Thursday – Character Day: Dress like your favorite book character
    • Friday – Stinger Spirit Wear: Wear Short Pump Stinger Gear or Stinger colors Yellow or Blue
    • Friday October 19th -Trunk or Treat  from 6 – 8

Oct. 8-12

.We are continuing to work hard in our classroom. We are continuing to build a positive and productive community of learners. Thank you to all of you who ordered books from the Scholastic Book Club ! We were able to earn about 20 free books  for our classroom library. I will be sending another order home next week. We are looking forward to another amazing week in room 109 !

What we are learning:

  • Math
    • Continuing Place value -Ex. What is the value of the 3 in 35? 30,What is the value of the 6 in 246? 6
    • Order and Comparing numbers
    • Rounding
  • Social Studies
    • Voting and Elections
    • Important people to know Christopher Columbus and Cesar Chavez
  • Reading
    • Making Connections with what I read to myself, to another book, and to the world
  • Writing
    • Brainstorming my writing and writing about one topic
    • Continuing correct capitalization and punctuation
    • Words to Know -Week 1-3


  • Place Value Quiz October 10
  • Place Value and Comparing Numbers Test October 11
  • Reading Quiz October 10
  • Reading Test October 12

Looking Forward to:

  • Student Holiday October 8
  • Picture day October 10
  • Stinger Stroll Day October 11 – 2nd grade at 9:30~ Parents Invited


Oct. 1-5

October 1-5, 2018

This week “I Can” statements:

  • L.A.: Make connections between text to self, text to text and text to world. Our words to know this week are; money, you’ve, place, quick, walk, start, laugh, found, room, until.
  • Math: Explain and show how one ten and ten ones have the same value, use objects to make a model of a two-digit number, picture or model
  • Science: Make observations, classify objects, collect data and make conclusions during Scientific investigations. TEST: this Friday. Look for a Study Guide to come home today.
  • Social Studies: Identify Christopher Columbus and his contributions.

Special Events:

  • October 3- THE FROG PRINCESS assembly.
  • October 8- NO SCHOOL for students.
  • October 10- School picture day.
  • October 12- Trunk or Treat in the evening.

Have a great week.