Applying and Accepting ACA

How to Apply

Applications are available through the HCPS Specialty Center Page beginning November 19, 2018. Applications close January 11, 2019.

From the Specialty Center Page, students may click on the following options.

Private and home schooled applicants: please return completed application, essay, Fall semester transcripts* and references to:

J R Tucker High School
2910 North Parham Road
Ms. Sheralyne Tierseron
ACA Program Director
Henrico, VA 23294

fax: 804-527-4619

*Private School Transcripts must be submitted to the address above by February 11th to include fall semester grades.


How to Accept

Student Response Overview:

All accepted and waitlisted students will receive an email (to the application email) containing our student handbook, course request sheet for 9th grade and other documents to return. Private and home schooled students will, also, receive a letter of intent to return.

Step by Step Directions for HCPS Students:

  1. Access Website at the following address:
  2. Students will login using their HCPS Credentials. Note: Parent/Guardian credentials for the PowerSchool Parent Portal will not work for this site.  Only student credentials have proper access at this time.
  3. Once on the Home Tab, select the Student Response Tab to review all center statuses.
  4. Students, before you begin, please review the instructions at the top of the online acceptance page.
    1. Selected – requires a response.
    2. Not Selected – does not require a response.
    3. Waitlisted – requires a response.


Staying on the Waitlist