Courses of the Associate’s Degree


Full course descriptions can be located by clicking on the course code.

BIO 101          General Biology I

BIO 102          General Biology II

ENG 111         College Composition I

ENG 112         College Composition II

ENG 242         Survey of American Literature II

ENG 244         Survey of English Literature II   

FRE 101          French I   

FRE 102          French II

HIS 121          United States History I

HIS 122          United States History II

HLT 115          Introduction to Personal and Community Health

ITE 115           Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts

MTH 167         PreCalculus with Trigonometry

MTH 245         Statistics

PLS 211          United States Government I

PLS 212          United States Government II

PSY 200          Introduction to Psychology

PSY 230          Developmental Psychology

SPA 101          Spanish I

SPA 102          Spanish II

SPA 201          Intermediate Spanish I 

SPA 202          Intermediate Spanish II

SDV 100          College and Life Success Skills

* Humanities or Fine Arts elective