Before Applying

What to do before applying:

Acceptance, waitlist and decline information will be available online March 8, 2019. (See DATES tab)

GPA Calculator

Your letter grades can be converted into numerical grades using the HCPS Grading Scale. To Calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA): add all the number conversions of your letter grades then divide by the number of classes. Only academic courses are included in our calculation.

4.0    A, A+
3.7    A-
3.3    B+
3.0    B
2.7   B-
2.3    C+
2.0    C
1.7    C-
1.3    D+
1.0    D
0.0    F

Example: you are taking 7 classes and have the following grades.

2 A+, 2 A, 1 B+, 1 B, 1 C

24.3/7 = 3.47 GPA